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The Boduberu is a music form that was founded in Maldives as early as the 11th century. The "music of Maldives", Boduberu's art has been passed on from generation to generation to retain the culture of Maldives, of which the music forms a large part. Boduberu is often called and commonly known by the locals as Baburu Lava and is almost always accompanied by dancing and clapping of the hands. The unique dance form is one of the few things individuals must see for themselves to understand the island nation's heritage and have a truly wholesome experience of the Maldives.

The Boduberu Show is extremely famous in the Maldives and is set up and performed on almost all occasions. The show consists of around 15- 20 people wearing a sarong and a white shirt, as is the traditional requirement. Some of these people may holds bells or other instruments but the main instrument is the large drums from which the music derives its name and that are made of coconut wood and used by at least 3 people. A lead singer is also present amongst the congregation of individuals.

The Boduberu Show and music starts with a slow entrancing beat that draws in the viewers and leaves them in a daze. This beat soon seems to turn fast and almost frantic before coming to an abrupt halt at the end. The show may be accompanied by dancing, as well as clapping of hands to the beat of the music. Due to its influence from different cultures, most Boduberu songs and lyrics have no meaning and are often just sung as they match the beat. However, some verses of the Boduberu may be influenced by various incidents, stories, and a realm of emotions that suits the pace of the drums.

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In present times, Boduberu is mainly considered a tribal form of music and dance, but many of the island inhabitants still consider it a form of art that showcases the Maldivian culture. The inhabitants of smaller islands may also consider Boduberu as a professional living and may compete in the annual competition held in Male where everyone is invited to participate. Other regular contests are also held in different islands of the Maldives. The show is also performed during many festivals, and gatherings and also used as an icebreaker. To witness one of these shows, individuals may not go as far as almost all of the resorts in the Maldives play the Boduberu tunes or hold the show at least once a week.

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