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Rua Do Cunha, Macau Overview

Located on the Taipa Island in Macau, Rua Do Cunha is one of the main streets in Taipa Village which has a wide array of restaurants and street stalls offering traditional delicacies and Portuguese eateries and gift shops offering souvenirs. Also referred to as the Food Street (locally), the stalls are lined on both sides of the bustling street providing a local flavour and elegance. The traditional colonial architecture of the street also attracts a lot of tourists.

Rua Do Cunha was officially named after a Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha in 1884. The street has a historic vibe and is known for the shops which offer coconut flakes, peanut candy, cherikoff, phoenix egg rolls and almond cakes. If you are a foodie and want to savour the delicious servings of Macau, Rua Do Cunha is just the right place for you to visit.

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The Food Street

Rua Do Cunha is known for the scrumptious local street food. Some of the go-to places include
  • Chy Creations (Cunha Bazaar Macau) for almond and peanut cookies
  • Koi Kei Bakery for Macau cookies, delicious pastries and condensed milk candies
  • Old Cheryoff Macau for local treats
  • Double 5 Double 0 for Chinese food and Pig intestine noodles
  • Seng Cheong for Chinese noodles, crab congee and stir-fried flat noodles with beef
  • Wong Chi Kei for Wonton noodles
  • Heong Kei Jerky Macau for meat jerky
  • O Santos Restaurant for duck rice and Portuguese food
  • Turkish Ice Cream for frozen heaven in different flavors
  • Lei Loi Bakery for peanut cookies and traditional baked goods
  • A Lua E Comidas Portuguese Kam In for traditional cookies, tea and some souvenirs
  • Lord Stow’s Bakery for creamy egg tarts
  • Gelatina Musang Mok Yi Kei for Durian ice cream, sawdust pudding and Musang King
  • Mochi Macau for Fruit Mochi and traditional Japanese desserts
  • Café Veng Kei for milk tea and pork chop bun
  • Hou Mei Mei for Curry fish balls and sugarcane juice
  • Rooftop for amazing coffee and tea 
Rua Do Cunha

Best Time to Visit

It is recommended that the visitors visit Rua Do Cunha in the evening (after 5:00 PM) or during pleasant weather to be able to beat the heat. Avoid visiting Ran Do Cunha during summer holidays and the Golden Week as it gets very crowded during these times.

How To Reach Rua Do Cunha

You can reach Rua Do Cunha by bus, taxi or on foot.

Bus numbers 11, 22, 26a, and 33 can be boarded from downtown Macau (around Lisboa, Grand Lisboa, Wynn, San Ma Lo) to reach Rua Do Cunha. From The Venetian, walking to Rua Do Cunha would take approximately 25 minutes and one can also reach in about 5 minutes in a taxi.  

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