Places To Visit In Taipa Village

Here are the top 2 places to visit in Taipa Village

1. Tapia Houses Museum

Tapia Houses Museum

1 out of 2 places to visit in Taipa Village

Tapis Houses Museum is a beautiful museum complex made with five sets of houses, each representing and exhibiting the cultural and historical era of the Portuguese. Situated at Av. Da Praia Grande, Macau, the Tapia Houses were the colonial residences of the Portuguese families who were rich enough and stayed in Macau during the 20th century and opened as museums on 5th December 1999.

2. Rua Do Cunha

Rua Do Cunha

2 out of 2 places to visit in Taipa Village

Located on the Taipa Island in Macau, Rua Do Cunha is a narrow pedestrian street, popular as the "food street" amongst locals. The street is lined with shops, stalls and vendors selling phoenix egg rolls, peanut candy and other local delicacies along with housing some famous Portuguese restaurants.

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