What is the best time to visit Kumbakonam?

Located in the tropical area and the Deccan region of the country, Kumbakonam has the typical tropical climate, with pleasant winters and hot and dry summers. The monsoons are accompanied with moderate rains and erratic shower spells, thus making the time one of the suitable time to pay a visit. The summers are hot and largely uncomfortable for one to visit the place.

Weather in Kumbakonam


Upcoming Kumbakonam Weather

Monthly Weather in Kumbakonam

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 22 31
February 21 33
March 25 36
April 28 40
May 28 39
June 27 38
July 26 36
August 27 37
September 26 36
October 25 35
November 24 32
December 22 31

Kumbakonam in Winter (October - February)

The winters in Kumbakonam are pleasantly cold, with light sweaters helping you to survive the cold. The temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degrees Celcius, and the diurnal range of temperature isn't more than a maximum of 10 degrees Celcius. This season is most preferred by tourists to visit Kumbakonam, as exploring the city in this weather becomes comfortable and the temperature is pleasing most of the time during winter months.

Kumbakonam in Monsoon (June - August)

The monsoon is associated with frequent and untimely shower spells in the region. The temperature drops down considerably after the scorching summers and the place witness a waste stretch of greenery as the rains give life to the flora of the region. The rains can though be problematic at times and can interfere with your exploration plans, but overall this season can also be preferred by tourists to pay a visit to Kumbakonam.

Kumbakonam in Summer (March - May)

Summers in the Deccan region of the country is undeniable hot, and the scorching sun might be an unpleasant experience. The summers are usually arid and heated up, and the temperature goes up to 40 degrees Celcius during the day. The season is majorly avoided by tourists to plan a visit to Kumbakonam because of the overall weather conditions.

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