Best Time To Visit Thiruvarur

What is the best time to visit Thiruvarur?

Although tourists flock to this quaint temple town throughout the year, the best time to visit Thiruvarur is between December and March, which is considered as winter season. Furthermore, the weather in winter seems favourable for tourists to visit and explore Thiruvarur.

The average temperature in this season range from 17-degree to 30-degree Celsius. The summer months from March to May has dry and hot weather with temperature ranging up to 40-degree Celsius. And the months from June to September is the wet season featuring heavy showers, making this time unpleasant and unfavourable to visit Thiruvarur.

Weather in Thiruvarur


Upcoming Thiruvarur Weather

Monthly Weather in Thiruvarur

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 21° 2 days
February 32°/ 21° 1 days
March 34°/ 22° 2 days
April 35°/ 24° 8 days
May 38°/ 27° 6 days
June 37°/ 27° 6 days
July 35°/ 25° 12 days
August 34°/ 25° 16 days
September 33°/ 24° 19 days
October 31°/ 24° 23 days
November 31°/ 23° 22 days
December 29°/ 22° 13 days

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