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Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
- Kufri is a small district known mainly for its winter adventures and treks. Be careful with children while going on mules and horses, as the path is slippery.
- ALWAYS bargain. Kufri is a huge t (Read More)ourist spot, and the horse/mule/yak owners and shopkeepers, photographers might try to dupe you by quoting exorbitantly. Bargain everywhere.
- The Kufri Fun World does lack some security measures, keep a track of your children while they are on the rides. Carry ample of thick woolen clothing, the temperatures dip way below 0 in peak winter seasons.
- When on a trek, make sure you are carrying all essentials with you, including food and water. Longer treks need more things to be carried, prepare beforehand.
- Even cab rates are flexible, do bargain.

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Q. Where is stay in kufri?

Pallavi Siddhanta

3 years ago
Kufri Holiday Resort is a good option for a short stay in kufri
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