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Sanjeev Rai 2 years ago
About 300 Km away, a perfect weekend gateway from Delhi. You can enjoy lush green nature, various water falls, summer trekking, winter trekking. Pilgrimage, Yoga and water sports may be enjoyed at Haridwar and Mussoorie on the way. You have it all .. Good hotels, good food and relaxation ..Chill!
manikesh srivastav 2 years ago
Mussoorie is the best place for couple. Awesome weather. Safe place. You can walk late night with partner in mall road.
manikesh srivastav 2 years ago
Mussoorie is excellent place for masti. Best time December-January. Chilled weather. Best place for new couple. No pollution. Hotel pioneer is best in mall road near pizza hut
Kovid Kapoor 2 years ago
- You can dress in the local attire and click beatiful photos. These might sound cheesy, but they become beautiful memories later.
Rohit Shroff 2 years ago
- Just 33km from Dehradun and around 7 hours from Delhi makes Mussoorie one of the easiest accessible hill town. Mall road is the most happening area here and you can easily spend a day or two shopping and eating at cafes. However, it also gets crowded on long weekends and could be a turn off for those looking for peace and calm up in the mountains.
Vinod Kumar 2 years ago
Mussoorie Nice place,into company garden different kinds of flowers and trees, falls, mussoorie lack , lal tiba it's hill area fine touch of time to view into feb to April, but mussoorie too much of crowded and traffic due to vehicles. People who are foodies they enjoying.
Soumita Ghosh 2 years ago
Mussoorie is located at a high altitude, so if you have asthma or other breathing difficulties, I would suggest you to take enough precautionary measures before visiting this place. Wear and carry warm clothes since this place is extremely chilly owing to the altitude as well as the waterfalls and lakes nearby. If you are a photography enthusiast, then this place is perfect for you since it has mesmerizing surroundings. There are numerous food joints so you need not worry. The path to Mussoorie is narrow and moves along in spirally, so if you are afraid of high altitudes, then do not look out from the window of the vehicle you are seated in.
gauranshi srivastava 2 years ago
Mussoorie or the 'Queen of hills' is a wonderful destination to spend your next long weekend. Take a tourist bus or cab to cover as many places in a day as possible. Make sure to visit the Gunhill point and the famous Kempty falls( carry an extra pair of clothing if you wish to play in the water). The Buddhist temple in the Happy Valley along with several other temples in and around the city attract a number of tourists. However, being a hilly area, cabs do not drop you everywhere hence you may have to travel on foot.
kk Bhardwaj 2 years ago
Scenic beauty with bitter life lessons. What better deal can you ask of your weekend getaway vacation? Mussoorie boasts of tranquility and is a foodie paradise. It attracts a lot of tourists from across the country, many of whom opt to arrive by road. So what if there is parking space for only 1500 cars even though the number of local cars stands close to 4500 with an additional 2000 tourists cars arriving daily during peak season. Surely the enthusiastic tourists can find a parking space somewhere on the mountain slopes. If not, then even better as the authorities would tow it, charge exorbitantly, Shame/harass you, take away your DL/RC and eventually trap you in a court hassle. All this for an offence (if it may be called so) which legally has a Rs.100 fine (on the first offence). Remember this is done to only make you mentally strong. Additionally, it'll break your naive shackles which made you believe you deserved peace atleast for a day from your stressful life. Life doesn't have a break, sooner you realize the better. P. S: ppl who're weak at sarcasm, here's the concise and straightforward meaning: don't go to Mussoorie with your own vehicle. You'll end up regretting one way or the other.
Yuvraj Singh Lohchab 2 years ago
Mussorie, its a mesmerising place. I loved it. Also the weather is also good. I have visited that place in winters as well as in summers. In winters, u can witness snowfall whereas in summers, the weather is quite good
Kirti Dass 2 years ago
Mussoorie is one of the best weekend holiday destinations. It has a lot to offer from trekking activities to sightseeing to enjoying bonfires. My three day trip included visiting the great author Ruskin Bond's house, Kempty Falls, Happy Valley and Lal tibba. I also enjoyed the savoury momos at Chinese restaurants which are a speciality of Mussoorie. My trip also included visiting Dhanaulti, a region close to Mussoorie which had various Maggi joints as tourist attractions. In my opinion one should keep enough warm clothing as the weather is likely to change at any point of time. Also, do keep a pair of comfortable shoes for the hilly terrain.
Sonali Garg 2 years ago
Since its just an hour's drive away from my college, Mussoorie is generally my weekend getaway. Being located at a high altitude is what makes the weather here cool and hence, I will suggest carrying windcheaters and full sleeves. A smooth drive to Mussoorie, aided by spicy hot Maggie and freshly brewed tea from roadside stalls, makes the journey a real refreshment. After wandering on the Mall road, I head straight to George Everest for trekking. The climb is exhausting but watching the rays of the rising Sun fall and highlight the outline of the mountains feels like watching a painting come to life.
Divya Sachdeva 2 years ago
I went to Mussoorie for the first time when I was a kid but it wasn't until recently that I got to experience Mussoorie in its full glory. The place offered so much at one that it was overwhelming and exhilarating at once. I went to Gun Hill by a trolley and played all the carnival games available there. I and my mom enjoyed some hot snacks and tea after having a long tiring day. The next day we went to Kempty Fall and Company Garden. Both the places had an amazing waterfall for all the Instagram crazed people to click tons of selfies out there. The garden is filled with beautiful and delicate which were just a treat for the eyes. In my opinion, no matter what company you have; Mussoorie is a place that can be enjoyed by each and visiting tourist.
Dev Thapa 2 years ago
Must visit place. !! The first word i uttered was- "amazing"!! From that point i can see the whole city. What city was doing, peoples doing all are in right front of my eyes.from guest house you have to trek to reach at peak took almost 1 hour. You don't have to be specialist. But once you reach , your hard would paid off. ! See in pics!!

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Q. What would be a perfect to explore Mussoorie? We are travelling with a baby and wanted to keep the pace laid back and relaxed.

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Q. We are planning a trip starting from Haridwar. Mussoorie Dehradun And Nainital are our places of interest. So please anyone suggest a plan.

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Q. Best hotels?

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Q. Which are the best treks from Mussoorie?

Kumar Kislay 2 years ago
The Nag Tibba Trek is a good trek to take from Mussoorie, ideal for two days. You can also trek to Surkanda Devi, which is a day trek from Mussoorie and relatively easier.

Q. Which is better place to visit mussoorie or nainital

Vivek Sahu 3 weeks ago
Nainital, I believe, because you have more options to move around than to mussorie. Rather mussorie too have options like, kempty fall, dhanaulti, nag tibba and more around nainital you have options like kausani, mukteshwar, binsar and more where you can stay and enjoy the serenity these are less crowded places comparatively to nainital and mussorie.

Q. Should we go in mid Oct.or suggest a place near Delhi to get good weather and ice and ? snow

Holidify 2 years ago
Yes, if you want to visit the place for snow the best time to visit it is during September -June.

Q. Will there be snow at the end of december??

Holidify 2 years ago
Yes. There will be snow in Mussoorie in the end of December.

Q. In masurrie where we see snow fall i want see snow fall

Holidify 2 years ago
Winters in Mussoorie see snowfall throughout Mussoorie. This takes place between October and February, with peak winter being December and January. Vantage points like Lal TIbba, Gun Hill, Cloud's End are good places to watch snowfall.

Q. Is may's 1st week a good time to visit mussoorie???

Holidify 2 years ago
Yes. May 1st week is a good time to visit Mussoorie as the weather is quite pleasant.

Q. Where to stay?

Holidify 2 years ago
Please check the Hotels Tab above for a comprehensive list of stay options in Mussoorie. Luxurious options include the JW Marriot, WelcomHotel, and Fortune Resort. More budgeted options may be found in the list.

Q. How many days is visiting haridwar-rishikesh-mussoorie-deradoon? Please tell me.

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Q. Is 2 nights and 3 days enough for Mussourie?

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Q. Should I go in june?

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Q. Would we get snowfall if we visit during October???

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