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Food of Knysna

Quite obviously, Knysna is best known for it's sea food, and also it's locally grown poultry and farm products. The best way for you to sample the local food is the Wild Oats Farmers' Market in Sedgefield. It is the single best place for you to acquaint yourself with all the brilliant local delicacies, while educating yourself on the local cuisine. Don't forget to eat the various dishes of Oysters! There are many restaurants like the Freshline Fisheries, Cafe Z, Caffe Mario and Mon Petit Pain are some places you should check out!

Food for Indians in Knysna

There is only one Indian restaurant in Knysna, Raasoie, and it is very highly rated. They serve all kinds of tandoori food, and also some delicious vegetarian foods like paneer, aloo gobi and others.

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Knysna, South-Africa

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