Food of Pretoria

Pretoria being a major city has a great choice of cuisines and restaurants. Fast food joints can be found in several places, and the international joints like KFC, Domino's, Pizza Hut etc have many branches in Pretoria. As far as restaurants go, La Pentola is a top class international restaurants. It has a huge variety of cuisines on offer as well. Kream is another very popular restaurant, with a brilliant menu and sophisticated atmosphere. Also, Mosaic is a fantastic restaurant, with reputed chef Chantel Dartnall handling the kitchen and sending out some delectable dishes. Other great restaurants include Crawdaddy's, Zest Bistro, Hemingway's, and also Burger Bistro.

Food for Indians in Pretoria

Geet Indian Restaurant on Fehrsen Street is one of Pretoria's most awarded top restaurants. It has an amazing collection of Indian dishes on offer, and you should definitely check it out. Pride of India on Hazelwood Road is another brilliant place you should visit. Other great Indian restaurants include Namaskar, Sehaj, and a few others. All of these restaurants also have a good menu of vegetarian dishes, so vegetarians need not be disappointed.

Pretoria Photos

Pretoria, South-Africa
The Palace of Justice
Old Counsel Chambers or the Raadsaal of the ZAR
The Central Business District

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