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Food of Johannesburg

As rich as it appears, the local Joburg cuisine is flavoursome and tempts one and all. Coffee is indigenous to Africa and in Johannesburg you get coffee being served with a cardamom rich sponge cake. The other important delicacies include Malwa Pudding, Piri-Piri chicken and Amanqina.

Food for Indians in Johannesburg

There is a plethora of Indian restaurants where you can find Indian-style cooked dishes. A few popular ones are Thava Indian Restaurant, Swad and Mantra Indian cuisine, these eateries offer the best and exotic Indian delicacies. There are a plenty of options for pure vegetarians too like Swaruchi Pure Vegetarian Restaurant, Shayona and the Green Side Cafe. These options offer the best vegetarian dishes in both Indian, local Joburg and other continental cuisines

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