Places To Visit in South Africa

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Here are the top 6 tourist places in South Africa

1. Cape Town

5.0 /5

1 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 12
Tourist attractions

Flaunting its true beauty, the capital of South Africa is well located between the high mountains and gleaming turquoise waters. The metropolitan city of Cape town displays its charm with utter sophistication and there is absolutely no word that can ever describe the timeless beauty of this magical ...

Best Time: October to April

2. Johannesburg

4.3 /5

2 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 8
Tourist attractions

Affectionately called as 'Joburg' or 'Jozi, Johannesburg is a land of brilliant landscapes, great architecture and contrasting cultures. It has a wonderfully rich history along with the modern district squares that have plenty of things to offer to the tourists. Posh and Lavish as it looks, Joburg a...

Best Time: September to April

3. Port Elizabeth

4.2 /5

3 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 8
Tourist attractions

Port Elizabeth is the quintessential coastal city you can ever imagine to spend a few days in. It is also one of the largest cities in South Africa. Port Elizabeth is a traveller's delight, everything is a 15 minutes' drive from the airport and trust us when we say 'everything'! If you like beaches ...

Best Time: Throughout the year

4. Durban

4.0 /5

4 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 9
Tourist attractions

Though not one of the 3 capitals of South Africa, Durban is definitely among the top cities of the country. It is the largest port in all of Africa, and is actually among South Africa's top tourist destination. A city with a rich blend of history and modernity, Durban makes for an exciting stay!

Best Time: June to August

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5. Pretoria

3.8 /5

5 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 9
Tourist attractions

The administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria is one of Gauteng's most important cities. It is the executive seat of the government of South Africa, and has a host of outdoor tourist activities for which it is very famous!

Best Time: September to October (spring)

6. Knysna

4.0 /5

6 out of
Places to visit in South Africa 7
Tourist attractions

Knysna is one of the most unbelievable and beautiful vacation spots anywhere in the world. It is blissful, quiet, and is home to some truly picturesque locations and recreational activities for that perfect week of relaxation!

Best Time: August to October (spring)

FAQs on South Africa

What is the currency of South Africa?

South African Rand is the national currency. The most frequently used notes are ZAR 10, ZAR 20, ZAR 50, ZAR 100 and ZAR 200. US Dollars and Euros are also accepted. However, credit cards such as Visa and Master Card are more commonly accepted. The exchange rates for those coming in from foreign countries are quite favourable.

What is the history of South Africa?

The first living inhabitants of South Africa existed more than 10,000 years back. During the 19th century, gold and diamonds were discovered, pushing the country away from being centrally agrarian, making it more industrial. The Boers and Britain were then fighting over who would go on to control this mining industry. After the South African War, which culminated in the defeat of the Boers, the British created the Union of South Africa and made it one concrete whole, instead of the separate entities/colonies it once was. In 1934, South Africa became self-governing. South Africa eventually became a Republic in 1960.

What is unique about culture of South Africa?

South Africa has a very rich culture. There are a lot of tribes here such as the Zulus and the Xhosa, whose folk stories and songs have always been popular. South African art and craft is another popular phenomenon, examples being traditional masks, statues, etc. The extended family is given a lot of importance in this country, which is made clear by the concept of Ubuntu according to which you cannot live in isolation, as we are all connected to each other. Majorly, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are the religions of this country. There is also Judaism and a handful of other regional African sub-religions that the people believe in and follow. South Africa boasts of 11 official languages -- Afrikaans, Southern Sotho, Tsonga, English, Tswana, Swati, Xhosa, Northern Sotho, Ndebele, Zulu, Venda and South African English.

How is South Africa divided into regions?

The major regions of South Africa areEastern Cape which holds major towns and cities such as Port Elizabeth, Free State which is often called the granary of this countryGauteng which holds one of the largest cities - JohannesburgKwaZulu-Natal which is famous for its mountains and beachesLimpopo which has some of the best wildlife reservesMpumalanga which is the number one tourist destination in the countryNorthern Cape which is known for its gemstones and desert areasNorth West which holds the famous resort area Sun City and the Western Cape, known for the Table Mountain and Cape Town.
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