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Food of Durban

Durban is a an international city and as such you have a plethora of options of where to eat. There are several high end restaurants where you can find the best of some international cuisines, as well as fast food joints for a delicious quick fix. A great feature of Durban food is the influx of the Indian cuisine, since Durban is home to the biggest Indian population outside India. Some dishes you have to try though include the 'bunny chow', a famous street food; 'shisa nyama', a zulu delicacy of tender meat; 'Bombay crush', which is literally the falooda from India, a favourite syrupy dessert; and of course don't forget to try the sardines, caught fresh and served on a toast.

Food for Indians in Durban

Indian food can be found very easily in Durban. So much so, Indian flavours have become a major part of Durban's cuisine itself. The Bunny Chow, for example, originates from Indian flavours and is perhaps the most popular street food in Durban. Samosas are also a favourite Durban appetiser. Restaurants like the elaborate Jaiupur Palace on the Golden Mile, House of Curries on Florida Road, Vintage India on Lillian Ngoyi Road are some of the best options. For vegetarian options, try the Patel's Vegetarian Refreshment Room on Yusuf Dadoo Street, the super famous Govindas in the Hare Krishna Temple, and Little Gujarat in the central business district are ones you should check out!

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