Food of Kollam

Kollam is a coastal town famous for its delicious and lip-smacking seafood. The town is flanked with plethora of good restaurants all offering the authentic traditional flavors of Kerala including that of crab, prawns, fish and squids. Tapioca and spicy fish curry are few of the popular dishes of the region. Also, make sure to try out different types of cashew nuts grown in the region.

Here are the top 5 restaurants in Kollam:


INR 120-500
9 AM - 9:30 PM
Opp. Clock Tower, Chinnakada, Kollam - 691001, India
The restaurant at the Nani Hotel has a slightly formal feel with high-backed chairs amid intricate copper-relief artwork depicting Kollam history. Meals, including Keralan dishes such as Travancore egg masala, as well as tandoori and Chinese, are well prepared and tasty thalis are available at lunchtime.

Vijayalaxmi Cashew Co

INR 150-500
9.30 AM - 8 PM
Main Road, Kollam, Tamil Nadu
Vijayalaxmi Cashew Co
Kollam is known to be the place where all the nuts and cashews come from. If you're in Kollam, you have to try the various high quality cashews here.

Hotel Guru Prasad

INR 100-150
11 AM to 3 PM
Quilon Main Road, Chinnakkada Junction, Kollam, Kerala - 691001, India
Hotel Guru Prasad
Located in an old, yet neat colonial building, this place is popular among the male workers and is their favorite lunch point.

Fayalwan Hotel

INR 100
9 AM to 10 PM
Fayalwan Hotel, Main Road, Chamkkada kollam, Kerala, 691001
Fayalwan Hotel
A simple place to dine and enjoy the mouth-watering food of Kollam. At very reasonable rates, this restaurant offers some of the bests served dished in the area. Its specialty is mutton curry and biryani. This is a real Indian working-man's diner, packed to the rafters as soon as it's lunchtime.

Kedar restaurant

INR 200-500
7 AM - 11 PM
The Hotel Sudarshan, Hospital Road, Parmeshwar Nagar, Kollam 691001, Inda
Kedar restaurant
An amazing place to enjoy the traditional seafood of Kerala, Kedar Restaurant is situated within the Sudarshan Hotel. Some of its popular dishes include Karimeen Fry, Varal Roast (Squid), tiger prawns and fish curry. This restaurant is highly recommended for its vegetarian, non vegetarian and Sunday lunch buffet spread.

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