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Palakkayam Thattu, Kannur Overview

Tucked away in the verdant greenery of the Western Ghats and soaring at a dizzying altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, Palakayyam Thattu is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the entire state of Kerala. Adorned with luxuriously dense greenery, sky-touching trees and majestic hillocks, the view that Palakayyam Thattu enjoys is one that you will rarely find. Owing to its considerable altitude, this hill station is often visited by low hanging clouds that render the entire atmosphere misty and fresh!

The magnificent view of this hillock has made it one of the most popular trekking destinations in the south. Sipping on a cup of tea as you overlook the lavish foliage from the top is truly an experience that you will cherish forever. The entire climb up to Palakayyam Thattu is one that is cradled in the serene laps of nature- tranquil, and untouched by the worries of the world. Visiting this gorgeous hill station and basking in its remarkable view with your loved ones would be a perfect way to escape the monotony of our fast-paced city lives and indulge in some excitement and enjoyment.

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Trekking to Palakayyam Thattu

The trek to Palakayyam Thattu is undoubtedly scenic and also quite an easy one. There are designated routes and passages that trekkers take, the climb is not too steep, and it only takes about 90-120 mins to get to the top. You will be able to overlook the Mandalam Church, St Joseph's High School, Chemberi Vimal Engineering and even the Valapattanam River on your way. During monsoons, you will find many small streams running down the hillock. Take the time to stop and refresh yourself with a shower in the chilling water of these streams.

You can find guides at the bottom of the hillock that will show you shortcuts and even come along with you throughout the trek. Reach the top, soak in the rush of nature's impeccable beauty and don't forget to click plenty of photos and capture this wonderful experience forever!

Tips for the trek
  • Make sure you leave for the trek such that you reach either before 10:00 AM or after 4:00 PM. The afternoon heat will not let you enjoy the trekking experience thoroughly.
  • Carry plenty or water. If you carry eatables, make sure you don't throw any trash out in the open. Look for dustbins or take the waste till you find one. There are many guards on duty around the area, and you will be penalised heavily if you litter.
  • Wear sneakers or sports shoes that give you a proper grip. Monsoons will make the ground wet and slightly slippery, so watch out for the moss- especially around waterfalls and streams.
  • Carry a cap, sunglasses and a sunblock to protect you from the heat.

Best Time To Visit Palakkayam Thattu

The best time to visit Palakayyam Thattu would definitely be during the winters, between October and January. The climate is extremely pleasant and breezy and will allow you to enjoy and explore the hillock freely. The paths will have cleared up from all the monsoon moss and grass, and the sun is also quite gentle.

Monsoons start with June and go on until the end of September, and Palakayyam Thattu experiences quite a heavy rainfall. They do bring out the green in the hillock and decorates it with flowering plants and plush environs. Even though the surroundings are extraordinarily beautiful, the paths get slippery and uncomfortable to walk on. If you can manage to get through the trails, you can also engage in a refreshing shower in one of the tiny streams that fall off the hillock.

The summers are not the best time to visit this hill station. Palakayyam Thattu experiences quite a hot and humid summer, which may take a toll on you during the trek and may not allow you to enjoy your time at the top to the fullest.

How To Reach Palakkayam Thattu

Palakayyam Thattu is tucked between Kannur (50 kms) and Taliparambha (28.5 kms) and is well connected by the National Highway 66. This highway runs down from Goa and Mumbai to Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram in the south. If you are driving from Kannur, the shortest route is Kannur - Taliparamba - Oduvally - Naduvil - Mandalam - Palkkayam Thattu and will cover 55.8 kms of the ground. If you are driving to Taliparamba, the fastest route would be Taliparamba - Sreekandapuram - Chempanthotty - Naduvil - Palakkayam Thattu and is approximately 150 kms long. KSRTC has many government buses running from Kannur and Taliparambha to Naduvil. Private buses start from Taliparambham, go through Sreekandapuram and get to Naduvil.

To get to the top and treat yourself to what can be called one of the best views in Kerala, you can trek uphill or hire a jeep. Professional jeep drivers will render their services and vehicle to you and charge you approximately INR 200 for a round trip. Once you alight the jeep, you have to walk only about 500 meters on a slight slope, and you're here!

You can opt to bring your own vehicle to the top, but it must heavy-duty vehicle that can withstand the rough terrain of this hillock. You can bring either- a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and they will charge you INR 20 and INR 50 respectively at the entrance for the vehicle.

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Muhammed Salih

on Palakkayam Thattu 4 years ago
One of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala, an extension of the Western Ghats is a must visit for high altitude enthusiasts. As always, the drive to Palakkayam Thattu is one of the most drives (Read More) you?ll ever have as you go through lush greeneries. Your vehicle will only go so far as the drive after it needs a four-wheel drive vehicle to get through broken roads that take you up to the station. A round-trip might cost you anywhere between 150-300 rupees and depends on your haggling skills but it is an experience must undertake as you literally feel the distance between life and death in just millimeters.
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