Charismatic Temples in Kannur for a Divine Piligrimage

Temples in Kannur

Here is the list of 5 Charismatic Temples in Kannur for a Divine Piligrimage

1. Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple

Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple

The main deity of this temple, situated in the Taliparamba of Kannur district, is Sree Krishna. It is said that the deity should not be worshipped during dawn as the idol of Sree Krishna sits in the Raudra style. Many believe that the foundation of the temple was laid down by Parasurama who also suggested the festival styles, poojas, etc.

2. Taliparamba Muthappan Temple

Taliparamba Muthappan Temple

The deity of this temple is Muthappan who is the most famous local God in the Kannur district. Taliparamba Temple is regarded as one of the oldest Shakti Peethams. It is said that after Shiv Tandavam, the head of Sati fell here. This temple is amongst the 108 oldest Shiva Temples of Kerala. The sanctum of the temple is quadrangular in shape and has a pyramidal roof with two-tier. The namaskara mandapam lies in front of the sanctum, and there is no flagstaff in the temple. Shivaratri and the Malayala New Year are celebrated here.

3. Rajarajeswara Temple

Rajarajeswara Temple

This Shiva Temple has a significant place amongst the Shiva Temples situated in South India having the tallest Shikara amongst all the temples of its time. The top of the Rajarajeswara Temple is of about 90 tonnes. A prasna is organized in the temple which is an ancient method of astrological decision making whenever there is any problem in any of the other temples. The Prasna takes place on the peedha just outside it.

4. Sundareswara Temple, Kannur

Sundareswara Temple, Kannur

A very popular and frequently visited temple of the south, the Sundareswara Temple in Kannur is essentially a place like heaven for all the Lord Shiva devotees. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped and adulated as Lord Sundareswara, the 'God of Beauty'. Naming the temple Sundareswara was an attempt to remind every visitor that 'Everyone is beautiful' and that one should look for the beauty in everything.

5. Mridanga Saileswari Temple, Kannur

Mridanga Saileswari Temple, Kannur

Located in the Muzhakunnu, Kannur district of Kerala, Mridanga Saileswari Temple is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. Believed to be among the top 108 Durga temples in ancient Kerala, the deity here was installed by Lord Parshurama- the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Enshrined by Mridanga Saileswari, who is a four armed Goddess Durga.

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