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Kannur Lighthouse, Kannur Overview

Being Kerala's first lighthouse ever and Kannur's only one, the Kannur Lighthouse is a pretty big deal. Standing tall at the height of 75 feet, this lighthouse was first built in the early months of 1903. This cylindrical concrete tower has managed to withstand the attacks of the Arabian Sea and has been fully functional for over a century. The Kannur Lighthouse has a balcony with a light that is lit as the evening breaks in to alert the seamen of the land. Treat the history buff in you and visit this site to be impressed by its fascinating history, fall in love with its mesmerising backdrop and be delighted by the impeccable view.

Since the lighthouse stands at a considerable height, one is delighted with an enchanting and panoramic view of the entire city of Kannur, the limitless Arabian Sea, the Baby Beach and even parts of Payyaballam Beach. Going up the spiral staircase of this lighthouse, you are introduced to a variety of ancient navigational equipment whose immaculate engineering and impeccable designs are sure to impress you greatly. You can take a stroll along the perfectly maintained lawns of the lighthouse or enjoy a joyful musical fountain show in the evenings! If you want to dig deeper into the fascinating lighthouse history, there is a small auditorium that plays documentaries about the specifics of lighthouse revolution for the curious and inquisitive minds.

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Kannur Lighthouse Museum

The evolution of the technologies in the lighthouse apparatuses and the developments in the lamps are the main point of interests that the Lighthouse Museum focuses on. This museum rests right next to the Kannur Lighthouse and is the fourth lighthouse museum ever constructed in India. The exhibits here depict the gradual development of the lights from the olden days in a detailed and interesting way.

The story starts from the time bonfires were lit on hills to alert sailors of land and makes its way to the use of LED lamps. With an immaculate description of the history of lighthouses and the transformation of lighthouse equipment, the Lighthouse Museum does a great deal in informing and updating the history buffs and the inquisitive minds about the different phases the lighthouse world has gone through.

The exhibits include ancient and rare lights, lenses and lamps that were used in the 18th century and a whopping five-ton full-fledge lighthouse equipment display shipped over from Kutch Strait in Gujarat. There are intricate and immaculate models of different ships and vessels on display here, whose engineering and perfection is sure to leave you stunned. However, the favourite attraction here is the giant optic lens used in Minicoy from 1885 to 1962. This lens, believe it or not, weighs more than 6 tonnes!

An interactive and interesting feature in this museum is its infamous Mini Theatre. Short stories and videos are played here that let you understand the transformation and revolution of lighthouses in a more realistic fashion.

Best Time To Visit Kannur Lighthouse

Even though Kannur Lighthouse enjoys an amicable climate throughout the year, the lighthouse is most enjoyable during the winter months. The winter breaks in as soon as September begins to set in and goes on till the last days of February. The temperatures hover around a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius which is the perfect weather for sightseeing and exploration.

How To Reach Kannur Lighthouse

The Kannur Lighthouse adorns the golden shore of the Arabian Sea and is a major highlight of the area. This lighthouse is easily accessible from the around the city because it is barely 2 kms away from the city centre. So, you can take a cab or an auto from anywhere around the city and easily get here in no time and at affordable costs. You can also board a bus from the Cannanore Bus Stand by the station that will take you around the city and drop you off near the lighthouse.

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