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Dharmadam Beach, Kannur Overview

Located on Dharmadam Island on the edge of the rustic but vibrant city of Kannur, the Dharmadam Beach is a stunning golden shore and an absolute heaven for those who want to treat themselves after a weary week. The Dharmadam Island is an attraction of its own, and its peculiarity is that during low tide, you can literally walk up to this island by wading through water that is barely even knee deep. This island has been named by Buddhist monks who frequently visited the place not only for its spectacular natural beauty and alluring aura of peace but also because the entire island is dotted with rare medicinal herbs. Dharmadam means 'place of ethics' which is another for this magical island, and the Dharmadam Beach is a testimony to the stellar reputation that this island holds.

The view of the palm-fringed shoreline glistening under the sun is incredibly mesmerizing and soothing. You can lounge at this beach, soak in its tranquil aura and let its mystical air revitalize every nerve of your body. The most interesting thing about the beach is that it is laden with the most attractive, colorful and exotic seashells! The entire shoreline is filled with these empty seashells that wash ashore. You will be left awestruck intricate designs, and the beautiful colors and shapes of these delightful shells and are sure to fall in love with nature's wondrous creations.

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Things To Do at Dharmadam Beach

You can just lounge on the golden sand and stare into the sparkling blue waters as it melts away all the tensions in your body. Be sure to wander into the waters to beat the heat and rejuvenate yourself in the clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The waters are quite shallow at the end of the shore, so you can venture a little deeper. However, it is always best to be careful when in water and be sure to check up on the nature of the tides online or with the locals before you go in. Collect seashells that wash up along the shore and decorate the shoreline with a colourful garland.

The beach is usually not very crowded, but given its wide reach, you will always be able to find yourself a cosy, comfortable and quiet spot.

While you're at it, make sure you explore the small Dharmadam Island. The Dharmadam Village Festival is one that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. This is a week-long festival celebrated in February where the locals perform various versions of Theyyams, a local art form. These Theyyams draw the attention of many tourists from all over the country. The locals restrict themselves to a vegetarian diet during this time of the year and serve a delicious dish made of rice flakes and jaggery to their guests.

Best Time To Visit Dharmadam Beach

Ideally, it would be best to visit the Dharmadam Beach during the Dharmadam Village Festival in February.

Tips For Visiting Dharmadam Beach

Since its a beach and a public place, there are no definite timings for its opening and closing. However, once it starts getting darker on this secluded island, the local police start patrolling the area and may ask you to leave if it gets too late.

How To Reach Dharmadam Beach

The Dharmadam Beach adorns the outline of the Dharmadam Island, which is barely 100 meters from the Dharmadam Main Land- the end of the road to get to the beach. One of the most exclusive and extremely enjoyable reasons to visit this island is that you can actually walk to it. During the low tide, you can wade through the waters of the Arabian sea and walk from the Dharmadam Main Island to the beach by foot in knee-deep seawater- definitely an experience to remember! Alternatively, you can take a boat from the Moidu bridge to the Dharmadam beach.

You can take a bus to Dharmadam Mainland from the Thallaseri Bus Stand which is very close at a distance of only 4 kms. Most government buses and private buses that run the Kannur-Kozhikode route stop at the Dharmadam Main Land, but be sure to confirm with the booking agency or the bus staff in advance.

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