Tuning into God's frequency: Sunset in Kannur, Kerala #TWC

The hurrying sound of the waves is striking, even from a distance. It is the only significant sound I hear in the otherwise quiet retreat. Juggling my steps carefully through a heap of stones, naturally arranged in a haphazard manner, I make my way to the beach of Blue Mermaid home stay in Kerala. As I come down, the undulation, the ups and downs and the definitive roar clearly becomes audible. The melody is quick to charm my attention as is the magnificence of the evening setting sun.


The golden persona of the sun tells me that there is still time for the sun to set. Water shimmers and part of green leafy tree tops glisten as the soft evening yellow kisses them with its glittery glow.

Across the lengths of the sandy silvery beach, silence fills the environs. There is hardly a soul in view. Breaking this calm constantly, are the lashing of the waves and the rustling of the leaves. The music is repetitive yet somber; and it seems to travel through the wilderness of the galaxies above. Whether it reaches the heaven, I wonder, but I already feel transported to His doorstep.


A few rocks protruding out from the water grab my attention. Waves come in, collide with them, bow down and recede back only to come back and repeat the entire cycle again. Fascinating as it is, this brutal water attack on the rocks leave me wondering – 
                                  Since how long have these rocks been struggling with the might of the ocean?
                                                                                                        And, since how long will they …
As if in a bid to wash all my thoughts away, the next wave comes in quick and there is a powerful clash yet again… the ensuing spray leaves me drenched, just a bit though. Tempted by the wet of water, I decide to venture into the seas.
Do not go very deep inside the waters, I hear the voice of my father warning me.
Stepping just enough in the froth of the waters, I leave my flip flops at the shore and let my feet go free. The waves caress and cover them in rich soapy foam. A bit of sand slips under. Even as my feet are pulled in, I fix my eyes towards the ever changing color palette of the skies.The sun, in its new avatar of faintly tinted yellow and orange, is all set to leave. The natural light gets dimmer and dimmer with every passing second yet the boisterous gushing of the ocean goes on…
                                                                               A beautiful event planned by the Master, the Sunset… unfolds.
I sit down on the swampy seat of sand and let everything seep inside. The magical colors, the hushed silences, the transforming moments are simply beautiful. A few more moments and its gone… vanishing somewhere, faraway in the horizon or is it beneath the whirl of the sea?


                                                                                                    The final glimpse: Sunset
Time comes to a standstill as the world seems to be drifting apart. A meditative lull descends. A sense of peace prevails. Darkness befalls… Time to get back to the hotel, have dinner and catch a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day.

This entry has been shortlisted for Holidify’s Travelogue Writing Contest in association with Linger. The content and pictures may not be used without prior permission of the author.

Submitted by: Arti S.

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