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Taliparamba, Kannur Overview

Taliparamba, a small city in Kerala is situated at a distance of 25 km from the Kannur town. The Valapattanam River and Kuppam River flow through enhancing the natural beauty of the place. The city is surrounded by lush green fields all around along with ancient tile-roofed houses which together make the place appear so much more beautiful. The greenery offers a peaceful environment and a perfect getaway from the usual fast life of the city.

The city of Taliparamba is full of temples, mosques, and churches. However, the one which is most frequently visited by the tourists is the Taliparamba Sree Krishna Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. A saint named Maharshi Shambara meditated here, and he is the one after whom the temple is named. The front elevation of the temple is simple, but as one gets inside the temple, the main chamber of the temple is filled with exquisite accompaniments belonging to the 15th and 16th century. Kanjirangad Vaidyanatha Temple, St. Mary's Forane Pilgrim Church and the Syed Nagar Mosque are some other tourist attractions in the city.

Taliparamba is an important trading center of hill produce and spices. The surrounding hills make the place appear much more beautiful. History has it has the origin of Taliparamba was the Perinchalloor Brahman settlement. Initially, there were 2000 Brahman families but eventually, all of them moved out leaving only 45 families today. Being rich in lush green lawns, crystal clear waters and rolling hills, the beauty of this city is unparalleled. The District Agricultural Farm, which evolved in the year 1905, and the hanging bridge at Kuttiyeri and Kooveri are famous in the city. Being a scenic beauty with so much to offer, this place is a must-visit.

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Places To Visit in Taliparamba

Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple
The main deity of this temple, situated in the Taliparamba of Kannur district, is Sree Krishna.  It is said that the deity should not be worshipped during dawn as the idol of Sree Krishna sits in the Raudra style. Many believe that the foundation of the temple was laid down by Parasurama who also suggested the festival styles, poojas, etc. The temple got its name after a saint known as Sambaran who performed his Thapassu, i.e., meditation in the temple. The annual festival held in the temple known as Utsavam is a colorful event and begins on 6th March every year and goes on till 20th March. The flag is hoisted to mark the beginning of the festival. Pookoth Nada is held during the 11 days in between the starting and ending of the festival.

Taliparamba Muthappan Temple 
The deity of this temple is Muthappan who is the most famous local God in the Kannur district. Taliparamba Temple is regarded as one of the oldest Shakti Peethams. It is said that after Shiv Tandavam, the head of Sati fell here. This temple is amongst the 108 oldest Shiva Temples of Kerala. The sanctum of the temple is quadrangular in shape and has a pyramidal roof with two-tier. The namaskara mandapam lies in front of the sanctum, and there is no flagstaff in the temple. Shivaratri and the Malayala New Year are celebrated here.

Karimbam lies in the suburbs of the Taliparamba town in Kannur. Also, a part of Kurumathur GramaPachayath and Taliparamba Municipality, it covers the area starting from the government hospital Karimbam to the villages of Panakkad and Varadool. The beautiful hills surrounding the little village make it look exquisite. All the surrounding villages of Varadool, Muyyam and Panakkad are full of lush green fields.

Rajarajeswara Temple
This Shiva Temple has a significant place amongst the Shiva Temples situated in South India having the tallest Shikara amongst all the temples of its time. The top of the Rajarajeswara Temple is of about 90 tonnes. A prasna is organized in the temple which is an ancient method of astrological decision making whenever there is any problem in any of the other temples. The Prasna takes place on the peedha just outside it.

Best Time To Visit Taliparamba

The ideal time to pay a visit to the town of Taliparamba is from July to March as the weather is pleasant and pretty much enjoyable.

Food At Taliparamba

When in Taliparamba, do make it a point to taste the Muttapayam. 'Mutta' translates to egg, but the dish itself is devoid of it. It is a rice preparation in oil, minus the egg, its shape resembling a huge fried egg (hence the name). It is usually paired with chicken curry, to bring out its flavour. To experience the authentic exotic flavour of Muttapayam, eat it at a roadside stall, rather than a fancy restaurant. Tasting this delicacy is an experience in itself as Muttayapam is hard to find anywhere else in Kerala.

How To Reach Taliparamba

The local bus service is quite efficient, and buses are available within Kannur for commuting to and fro Taliparamba. Th nearest railway station to the town is Kannapuram, located 10 km away. The nearest major airport is at Kozhikode, 120 km away from the same.

For visiting the places within Taliparamba, you can opt for an autorickshaw (which charges around INR 15 per km), or the local buses (costing around INR 7 for 3 km). Exploring the places on foot is a little difficult in this town.

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