Located on the Malabar Coast of Kerala, Kannur (fondly known as Cannanore), is a beautiful city bundled with a plethora of sightseeing options like beaches, monuments, ancient temples and picnic spot (Read More)s.

Here is the list of 25 Things to Do in Kannur

1. Relax at Payyambalam Beach

Relax at Payyambalam Beach

The impeccably unspoiled Payyabalam beach is adorned with sparkling pearls of golden sand and foamy white waves of the Arabian Sea. The highlight of Kannur and one of the many beautiful beaches of Kerala, the Payyabalam beach has an incredibly peaceful and inviting aura.

2. St Angelo Fort

St Angelo Fort

The polished yet prehistoric structure of this fortress oozes with unadulterated elegance and overwhelming power. Standing ashore in the Arabian sea, St Angelos Fort enjoys a panoramic and unobstructed view of the diorama created by the merger of the magnetic waves and the azure waters.

3. Panoramic Vies from Kannur Lighthouse

Panoramic Vies from Kannur Lighthouse

Being Kerala's first lighthouse ever and Kannur's only one, the Kannur Lighthouse is a pretty big deal. Standing tall at the height of 75 feet, this lighthouse is a must-visit site with its fascinating history and mesmerising backdrop that offer impeccable view.

4. Thottada Beach

Thottada Beach
3.5 /5

Between the coastal towns of Kannur and Thalassery along the Malabar Coast lies the scenic Thottada Beach. Ideal for sunbathers and those looking to unwind by the beach, this virgin beach remains one of the cleaner beaches of the coast due to being relatively unexplored as compared to the other beaches of the coast that receive more publicity.

5. Drive-in at Muzhappilangad Beach

Drive-in at Muzhappilangad Beach

The Muzzhapilangad Drive-in Beach at Kannur is one referred to with many superlatives- as the longest drive-in beach in the whole of India, as one of the cleanest beaches of Kannur and most importantly, as one of the best drive-in beaches that the entire Asian continent has to offer!

6. Parassinikkadavu

3.1 /5

About 16 km away from Kannur, Parassinikkadavu is a town popular for its Muthappan Temple and Parassinikkadavu Snake Park. The Muthappan temple, dedicated to Sree Muthappan is the only Hindu temple in the state which witnesses a Theyyam performance daily as per ritual.

7. Perfect Day Picnic at Baby Beach

Perfect Day Picnic at Baby Beach

The Baby Beach in Kannur, as the name suggests, is a tiny yet an extremely attractive beach along the shore of the Arabian Sea. Don't be mistaken by its name or size, it is a very happening picnic spot for the locals of Kannur and attracts the attention of many tourists with its panoramic view of the azure Arabian Sea.

8. Kayak Ride at Dharmadam Beach

Kayak Ride at Dharmadam Beach

The Dharmadam Beach is a stunning golden shore and an absolute heaven for those who want to treat themselves after a weary week. The Dharmadam Island is an attraction of its own, and its peculiarity is that during low tide, you can literally walk up to this island by wading through water that is barely even knee deep.

9. Visit the Religious Taliparamba City

Visit the Religious Taliparamba City
4.2 /5 View 15+ photos

A popular city located in Kannur District, it is mainly known for its District Agricultural Farm established in year 1905. The city is also home to two famous temples namely Shree Rajarajeswara Temple and the Trichambaram Temple.

10. Seven Peaks of Ezhimala

Seven Peaks of Ezhimala
4.1 /5 View 5+ photos

Ezhimala is a 286-meter high hill, located surrounding a pristine beach. Situated at a distance of 38 km from Kannur in Payyanur, Ezhimala has a few carved stone structures, and the herbs found in this location are famous for their unusual medicinal properties.

11. Paithalmala - A Perfect Getaway

Paithalmala - A Perfect Getaway
4.0 /5 View 11+ photos

A small hill station tucked in the forest of Kodagu in the Kannur district of Kerala, Paithalmala is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Western Ghats that mesmerizes anyone who has been here. An enchanting hill station with captivating beauty, thrilling trekking trails and abundance of lush greenery.

12. Arakkal Museum

Arakkal Museum

The Arakkal Museum in Kannur city is one of the most significant and frequently visited attractions of the south that celebrates the memory and grandeur of Kerala's only Muslim royal family- the Arakkal Ali Rajas. Previously a majestic palace of the royal family, this museum is a true testimony to the impeccable Muslim architecture and design.

13. Sundareswara Temple

Sundareswara Temple

A very popular and frequently visited temple of the south, the Sundareswara Temple in Kannur is essentially a place like heaven for all the Lord Shiva devotees. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped and adulated as Lord Sundareswara, the 'God of Beauty'. Naming the temple Sundareswara was an attempt to remind every visitor that 'Everyone is beautiful'.

14. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Regarded as one of the finest snake sanctuaries of Asia, the Parassinikadavu Snake Park is the pride of the south. The Parassinikadavu Snake Park is home to over 150 different species of reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards and snakes- both venomous and non-venomous.

15. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Amidst the sky-touching trees and mesmerising greenery, many exotic wildlife species have marked their territory. Taking a safari through the thick verdure and venturing deeper into the forests, you will encounter many striking and remarkably extraordinary species of animals as well as birds that will leave you stumped and in awe of nature's wondrous creations.

16. Visit the Holy Peralassery Temple

Visit the Holy Peralassery Temple
3.1 /5

At a distance of about 15 km from Kannur is the town of Peralassery, known for its Peralassery Subrahmanya Temple. It is believed that on their way to Lanka to free Goddess Sita, Lord Ram and Lord Laxman, stopped at the temple for a while and they left a bangle here.

17. Theyyam


Bringing life to intriguing myths and exciting legends, the Theyyam festival is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals of the vibrant city of Kannur. This joyous celebration includes performances of over four hundred different traditional folk dances and is celebrated to appease the many local deities, gods, goddesses and heroes.

18. Land of Flowers - Madayipara

Land of Flowers - Madayipara

Perched upon a hillock near Pazhayagandi in the scenic city of Kannur, Madayipara is renowned as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire state of Kerala. Often compared with the famous Tulip Gardens of Amsterdam, Madayipara is better known as 'the land of flowers'. This mystical land is one that changes its appearance with the seasons.

19. Beautiful Views from Palakkayam Thattu

Beautiful Views from Palakkayam Thattu

Soaring at a dizzying altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, Palakayyam Thattu is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the entire state of Kerala. Adorned with luxuriously dense greenery, sky-touching trees and majestic hillocks, the view that Palakayyam Thattu enjoys is one that you will rarely find.

20. Pallikunnu

3.2 /5

Pallikunnu is another major town lying in the vicinity to Kannur nearly 3 km away. This town is best known for its ancient temple Shree Mookambika Temple, dedicated to Goddess Mookambika.  Another main attraction of the city is the Kanathoor Maha Vishnu temple.

21. Kavvayi Islands

Kavvayi Islands

Recorded in the travel writings of scholars and explorers Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo, Kavil Pattanam, now called Kavvayi, has been recreated into a beautiful island. Spread over the districts of Kannur and Kasaragod, the Kavvayi islands, also called Kavvayi Kayal) are the largest backwater island group in north Kerala.

22. Trek to Cherupuzha

Trek to Cherupuzha

A hill station in Kannur, Kerala, Cherupuzha is a part of the Western Ghat mountain ranges in India. Because of the hillside location, this town is surrounded by nature and has dense forests towards the eastern side that borders the state of Karnataka. This is one of the many reasons tourists flock to this land to seek the remoteness and tranquility of nature.

23. Shopping in Kannur

Shopping in Kannur
3.0 /5

The place is a hub of many bazaars and is a shopper's paradise. Do buy local handicrafts, saris and earthenware products. Local spices are some of the other things to take away. Fort Road, Fortlight Complex and Kannur City Center are the major shopping hubs in the town.

24. Taste Thalassery Biryani at MVK Resataurant

Taste Thalassery Biryani at MVK Resataurant

The Unnakaya and Thalassery are a favourite and loved dish in Kannur. Apart from these,  idli, vada, coconut crepes along with raw mango-lemon chutney and Kerala pappadam are must try. Some of the famous restaurants to try out are MVF restaurant, Odhen's hotel, Chifonets, Barkha restaurant and Palahram.

25. Beach Resorts for a Perfect Vacation

Beach Resorts for a Perfect Vacation

The coastal town of Kannur is home to some of the best beachside resorts in the country. We have compiled a collection of some of the best beach resorts in Kannur for you to visit.

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