What is the best time to visit Kabini?

October to May is the best time to visit Kabini as these are the non-monsoon months. This area receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon. so it is advisable not to visit Kabini from June to September. But Kabini is an exquisite destination that can be visited any time of the year, as the wildlife here can be spotted almost throughout the year. 
Kabini in Summer - Animal sighting is better. Temperature ranges around 38-40 degrees Celcius
Kabini in Monsoon - Good time to spot spotted deer, sambar deer, etc. Temperature ranges around 30 degrees Celcius
Kabini in Winter - Best time to visit Kabini. Temperature ranges between 8 to 25 degrees Celcius. December to February is also the best time for bird watching in Kabini.

Weather in Kabini


Upcoming Kabini Weather

Monthly Weather in Kabini

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 16° 0 days
February 33°/ 16° 0 days
March 34°/ 20° 8 days
April 35°/ 21° 9 days
May 34°/ 21° 25 days
June 31°/ 21° 13 days
July 29°/ 20° 13 days
August 27°/ 20° 15 days
September 28°/ 20° 17 days
October 28°/ 19° 29 days
November 29°/ 19° 11 days
December 28°/ 17° 3 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Kabini

Kabini in Summer (March - May)

Summer sets in Kabini from the month of March and lasts until May. The temperature blazes across Kabini with mercury soaring to 37°C, but summer is still the best time to visit this reserve. It is an ideal time to explore a variety of wildlife. You have the best chances of coming eye to eye with tigers in summer, as they move in search of lakes and watering bodies. Black Panthers, deer and gaurs are also easier to spot in the summer months, making Kabini a tourist hotspot in summer. This may make the place a bit crowded for your liking, but don?t be discouraged ? the views and sights are worth it! Nature walks and hiking trails are frequented in summer as the evenings and mornings are quite cool and comfortable. The day may get a bit balmy and sultry, so wear light linens and cotton. Another summer attraction is the coracle ride on the Kabini River. Coracles are unique boats made of palm or bamboo and are circular. A lilting ride on the calm river is equally enthralling to children and adults alike. Elephant safaris are also in demand in summer, as the patient pachyderms take you right into the deep jungles and give you an authentically wild experience.
Kabini River Kuruvadweep
Kabini River Kuruvadweep

Kabini in Monsoon (June - September)

The South-west monsoon spares no one at Kabini, and the entire park is completely drenched for three months. With an annual rainfall of 57 inches, the Reserve is not very easy to visit in the monsoon, but the visit is still worth it. After the showers, the forest looks beautiful verdant and lush ? a dream come true indeed. With temperatures ranging between 20°C and 33°C in the monsoon, the weather is comfortable as well. The jungle is easily the most popular attraction at Kabini in the monsoon ? the evergreen trees stand tall, and the woods come alive with greens of every shade ? the forest is a delight to walk into. Special nature walks are arranged, but be careful about the rain before you embark on these adventurous trails. You can spot different insects and butterflies in Kabini in the monsoon, but you may not be able to see large animals. July, the wettest month of the year, sees wet days and even wetter nights, but do not let that deter you. Since this is the off-season time, tourist packages and fares are cheap, which makes it perfect for tourists on a tight budget. The many lakes within the Reserve are bountifully replenished for the year, and they look spectacular with a mountain backdrop as well. You can spy crocodiles lounging by these lakes, waiting patiently.
Charging Elephant in Kabini Forest
Charging Elephant in Kabini Forest

The tribal villages in the Reserve celebrate many monsoon festivals that you can be part of too. Culture walks and heritage tours are engaging and fun and help you be part of the unique and eclectic culture of the natives. The bird sanctuary nearby is full of mating calls of exotic birds, so prepare for an aural treat! These conditions make Kabini perfect for solo travellers, honeymooners and tourists on a budget. On less rainy days, boat rides on the Kabini River are also organised, although these are only seasonal. Keep in mind that it is quite challenging to spot tigers in the monsoon, and sometimes tours may be cancelled due to the heavy rain. Do not forget to carry umbrellas and raincoats.

Kabini in Winter (October - February)

Winter goes wild in Kabini, with temperatures ranging from 6°C to a whopping 32°C! Do not let this surprise you ? the unique geographic location and ecology of the region contribute to this distinct climate. Winter is a favourite tourist season in Kabini because you can spot a lot of animals here. It is particularly easy to spot elephants and pythons in Kabini in winter because the animals are drawn out for water and food. One of the most popular activities to indulge in here in the winter months is to take part in a jeep safari or an elephant safari, in hopes of spotting tigers and panthers. These safaris take you up close and front with bison and other animals as well. Bird watching is another winning pass time in Kabini in winter, as you can spy many endangered and exotic birds within the jungle. Keep an eye out for the brown-headed fishing eagle, the racket-tailed drongo, golden-backed woodpecker, peafowl, osprey, stork, serpent eagle, hawk eagle, jungle myna, spotted dove, Asian paradise flycatcher, babblers and other striking birds! The animals are all generally healthier in the winter as well, as they are well-refreshed and replenished by the bountiful monsoon. Tribal celebrations are held in the villages, and the charming locals usually invite you to take part in the festivities. Camping in Kabini under the winter sky is a mesmerising experience. Kabini is a great place for families to visit in winter ? there are not many tourists either. Take along comfortable winter clothes and sweaters, to endure the cold nights!
The River Kabini
The River Kabini

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Wildlife Spotting at Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary (Karnataka)

October - May

On the banks of the Kabini River, one can easily spot wild animals like Elephants and Tigers. It is advisable not to visit the sanctuary during the monsoons as the region experiences very heavy rainfa (Read More)ll.

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