This Indian Photographer Loves Big Cats & His Profile Is Stunningly Wild & Mystic

Holding a love for the wild, Mithun is a wildlife photographer whose Instagram feed is so aesthetically driven, you can't help but follow-up for the majestic creatures he photographs from the woods. He especially bears a love for leopards or the wild feline kingdom so to say. Having captured magnificent sceneries from that of 4-full grown tigers together to the enigmatic black panther, we can say that he sure has unparalleled luck and skill for photography! 

He has captured some of the most stunning photographs of the wild- ranging from ethereal silhouettes of a lion in South Africa, deers in a stag fight, and even a mysterious tigress in her prime! His pictures ooze beauty and splendor of the wild and untamed.

His unprecedented talent helped him bag projects and collaborations with many, including Nat Geo Wild which is famous for capturing the trails and mischiefs of the animal kingdom. A recent project on the wild panther gained Mithun a lot of recognition and popularity on social media platforms. His feature swarmed social media channels as he managed to catch sight and capture it after three long months. 

Here's a series of pictures that may coax you into following the uber-talented Mithun. Check it out! 

Prowess Panther In Its Prime

The Endearing Infant

The Thrill of the Chase

Don't Even Dare! 

The Enchanting Beauty 

Tales of The Wise 

For The Love of The Leopard 

Birds of A Feather Flock Together 

Tusker In The Greens 

10. Here Comes The King 

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The King at dusk . After chasing for that perfect 'Lion on a tree' shot in Ndutu our wish came true on the final day in Ndutu. We were done with the Cheetahs and the plains and had developed a liking for this beautiful woodland habitat around the Masek waterbody which felt more like home. This is where all the wildlife from miles away would seek shelter from the sweltering heat of the day. The resident Lion pride in particular loved to laze on the open trees to avoid the flies that made their life miserable on the ground. While the entire entourage of vehicles were busy with the females and cubs on the tree we decided to avoid the crowd and track the elusive Masek Leopardess whom had been seen in the area. We had moved no further than a 100 metres when we spotted a tail hanging at a distance close to a parallel road. A look through the binoculars revealed not a Leopard but a massive beast 5 times the size perched on an open tree. The catch was we had to travel around the lake for nearly 3 kms to get close to the place and time elapsed to get there was probably the most stressful of my life. Finally we get there to spend the next hour with him in stunning light and backdrop. When the light dropped we went around him with dramatic skies silhouetting him. What a sighting this was !! . #wildlifephotography #bbc #instapic #instalike #earthcapture #instadaily #forest #natgeo #bbctravel #wild #wildlifeplanet #africaundercanvas #african #africanamazing #instagood #love #nikon #bigcat #savannah #serengeti #nikonindia #nature #lion #africa #earthpix #animals #naturephotography #wildgeography #silhouette

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Don't these photographs look mesmerizing? It's needless to say that all these captures are stunning but which one did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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