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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best Time: October to May Read More

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Rajiv Gandhi National Park

What is the best time to visit Nagarhole National Park?

The period from October to May is considered to be the best time to visit Nagarhole. Although Nagarhole has a tropical climate around the year; hence, it can be visited at any point in time. Summers in Nagarhole are usually dry, and the temperature does not cross 33 degrees Celsius. The winters are brief with temperatures remaining within the scale of 14 degrees. However, monsoons are wet, as the region receives heavy rainfall during the season.

Weather in Nagarhole National Park


Upcoming Nagarhole National Park Weather

Monthly Weather in Nagarhole National Park

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 16° 1 days
February 32°/ 17° 0 days
March 33°/ 19° 5 days
April 34°/ 20° 15 days
May 32°/ 20° 26 days
June 27°/ 20° 19 days
July 25°/ 19° 24 days
August 24°/ 19° 29 days
September 26°/ 19° 27 days
October 27°/ 19° 31 days
November 28°/ 18° 13 days
December 28°/ 17° 6 days

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Nagarhole in Winter (November - January)

Soon after the monsoons shed away, Nagarhole welcomes the chilling weather of Winters. The temperature scales between 10 - 14-degrees Celsius, hence can be a perfect time to relish the natural abundance of the untamed (wild) heritage. Winter season in Nagarhole is all about its pleasant temperature, comfortably warm days and cold nights. Winter arrives in Nagarhole in October when the weather is pleasing and refreshing making it an ideal time for tourists to plan fun-filled outings and enjoy sightseeing. Temperature comes down to a comfortable range and creates the perfect ambience for catching glimpses of diverse animal species including Loris, Sloth Bear, Languor, Pangolin, Wild Bear and herds of elephants close to the lake. Outdoor activities such as wildlife and safari rides are best enjoyed during December.
Elephant in Nagarhole National Park
Elephant in Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole in Monsoon (June - September)

Monsoons hit the wildlife reservoir, right after the summers and are unpredictable. Nagarhole receives an annual rainfall of about 1,500 mm during June to September. Even though some of the areas in the sanctuary are closed due to rain, it still has a lot to offer, and you would not be disappointed. Although the seasonal rainfall drenches the region entirely, the enthralling waterfalls never fail to excite nature enthusiasts. Carrying rain gears are a must as most days are cloudy, and there is a constant possibility of downpours. However, trekking, wildlife safaris are strictly not advised during this season. The monsoon showers begin to fade away by, and the climate gets comfortable favouring tourism.

Nagarhole in Summer (March - May)

The best time to witness the wild side of this natural heritage are the summers when the waterholes are dry and the animals of the sanctuary come out of their sheds to find food and water. The maximum temperature during this period does not exceed 33 degrees Celsius.
Summers start to hit Nagarhole at the beginning of March, yet the temperature remains within a comfortable range. While the bright sunlit days warm up the town, the tranquil evenings make it up for a complete holiday experience. Visiting the wildlife reserve and undertaking jungle safaris are some of the notable outdoor activities that are popular among tourists during this season.
Nagarhole experiences extreme summers in May. Clear skies dominate the region in this month, which is accompanied by hot and humid weather making the need for sun protection gears an absolute necessity. Light cotton clothing are recommended. You can explore the grass swamps, spot the freely walking animals and discover the diverse assortment of Teak and Eucalyptus trees.
Ecuador Polylepis
Ecuador Polylepis

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