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"KKS - Popular Port Suburb"

Kankesanthurai Tourism

Also known as KKS, Kankesanthurai houses the Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple, Keerimalai Naguleswaram temple, and Kankesanthurai beach rest in its vicinity. Kankesanthurai acted as the first naval hub in the country, which housed the first Navy Base in the country. Today, this hub has transformed into a family beach where views of visitors basking in the sun or swimming in the cool waters is a common sight. 

The name Kankesanthurai was inspired by the Sri Lankan god, Kankesan (Murugan). As this shrine was brought through the Gayathurai port, it was renamed as Kankesanthurai to honour him. Thurai in Sri Lankan means port. This picturesque village with a beautiful history has some of the best beaches in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The main beach being the KKS and the other one being the Casuarina Beach, the beaches here are less-crowded, spotless, and untouched. Visitors coming to this part of the village indulge in long strolls, picnics by the beach and boat rides. Some of the other attractions along with the beach-side include Keerimalai Springs and Naval Port among others. 

Since it is a small village, the accommodation options are quite limited. All the attractions nestled in this area can be visited in a day. The best way to get to Kankesanthurai is via train, bus, or a private taxi, of which, the train ride is the most beautiful. 

Things to do in Kankesanthurai

Kankesanthurai Beach: Recognized as one of the top two beaches and a family-oriented beach of the Northern Province in Sri Lanka, Kankesanthurai Beach is an unadulterated beach bracketed in pristine views. Visitors can relax under the palm trees, swim in the cool waters, or walk on the soft sand. 

Keerimalai Springs: The freshwater from the Keerimalai Springs is procured from beneath the ground. Many visitors, mainly Hindu pilgrims, visit to dip in this freshwater during the festivals - Aadi Amaavaasai and Maasi Magam. These rituals have been active for generations now and are generally carried out by men. 

Kankesanthurai Lighthouse: The Kankesanthurai Lighthouse is an octagonal-style tower, constructed in 1893. Situated beside the naval base, the lighthouse features a gallery and a lantern. This site is now severely damaged and inactive after the Sri Lankan Civil War. 

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FAQs on Kankesanthurai

What is the best time to visit Kankesanthurai?

Nestled near Point Pedro, the northern part of Jaffna Peninsula, Kankesanthurai faces the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. Due to its location, Kankesanthurai has a tropical climate throughout the year with seasonal showers, making this place suitable for visiting any time of the year.

However,  December to March is the best time to visit this quaint village as the average high temperatures touches not more than 31 degrees Celsius. Since this is also the peak season, prices hike up as well. The extremely warm months from April to May have temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees Celsius during the day and touching 26 degrees Celsius at night. If visitors don’t mind a bit of rain, then visiting during the months of September through November would be perfect.

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What are the places near Kankesanthurai?

The top places near to Kankesanthurai are Anuradhapura which is 171 km from Kankesanthurai, Colombo which is located 321 km from Kankesanthurai, Kandy which is located 288 km from Kankesanthurai, Nuwara eliya which is located 329 km from Kankesanthurai, Sigiriya which is located 221 km from Kankesanthurai

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