Tai O Fishing Village, Hong Kong Overview

Tai O is a fishing village nestled among the lush vegetation found on the Western coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. It is a small, unusual village inhabited by Tanka people which showcases China’s traditions, history and natural beauty.

This town, one of the few fully operating fishing villages in the region, boasts of its unique colonial architecture, curious stilt-houses, mouth-watering street food, and scenic photography opportunities. Tai O offers several out of the ordinary experiences. These include sea kayaking, the sight of rare pink dolphins, an insight into the seafood industry and an opportunity to view local simplicity up-close. Tai O means large inlet because Tai O Creek and Tai O River merge when they proceed towards Tai O Village. Although located at a bit of a distance from the mainland of Hong Kong, Tai O is a getaway like no other recommended for both locals and tourists.

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Tai O Fishing Village Attractions

Tai O Market
Tai O Market is a visual treat with colourful, diverse varieties of salted-fish, dried seafood, shrimp-paste, shrimp sauce, distinct delicacies, vegetables, and decorative objects. This specialty market represents Tai O’s  fishing village culture, being kept alive by an older generation.

Boat Ride
Boat rides are easily available from the main bridge and marina, providing an extensive tour of the town, which lasts approximately 20 minutes. This service is facilitated by locals, and you are encouraged to use your bargaining skills to avail reasonable prices.

Stilt Village
Communities residing in Tai O have relied on stilt-supported architecture for several generations. One may get a satisfactory view of these unique traditional modes of accommodation during a boat ride.

Sea Kayaking
A guided activity to satisfy the tastes of adventure seekers, which features an encounter with pink dolphins, picturesque views and provisions for lunch and safety equipment. The cost of participating in this activity is approximately HKD 250 per person, which may vary according to group sizes.

Best Time to Visit

The period of September to April is ideal for visiting the Tai O Fishing Village in terms of pleasurable weather. Weekdays are recommended for visiting Tai O in order to escape inevitable crowds on weekends

How To Reach Tai O Fishing Village

Take the  MTR to Tung Chung Station and then board bus number 11  from Tung Chung Town Centre to Tai O. Or take The MTR to Tung Chung Station, then take Exit B. Get on the Ngong Ping Cable Car to arrive at Ngong Ping Village, then take bus number 21 to Tai O. Alternatively, take the ferry from the Central Ferry Pier to Mui Wo, Lantau Island. Then get on bus number 1 in order to get to Tai O.

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