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Che Kung Temple , Hong Kong Overview

The Che Kung Temple, also called ‘Che Kung Miu’, is a temple located in the Tai Wai area of Sha Tin, Hong Kong. This temple, rather than being dedicated to a spiritual entity, is built in the honour of Che Kung, a military commander of the Southern Song Dynasty. He is valorized for his attempts to suppress the uprisings in Southern China and to save the dynasty from several catastrophes. There are two Che Kung dedicated temples in Hong Kong with the second one being located in Ho Chung.

The interior of Che Kung temple embraces a giant statue of Che Kung along with a huge drum and bells. Another centre of attraction in the temple happens to be a 3 blade fan-shaped wheel of fortune which is believed to bring good luck when spun three times. Local vendors outside the temple provide vegetables and fruits for donations along with incense sticks. While entry to Che Kung temple is free, a small donation is appreciated for it is the only source of income for the temple.

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Legend of Che Kung

The construction of Sha Tin Che Kung temple dates back to about 300 years ago when a rising epidemic was subsided by the establishment of the temple. According to the legend, around the mid 18th century, during the rule of the Ching Dynasty, a cholera outbreak occurred in Sha Tin. The villagers, in hope of getting rid of the epidemic, built a Che Kung temple and figurines, and started worshipping it. Soon after the construction of the temple, the outbreak suddenly ceased leading to Che Kung being reverred as a local God.

In folklore, it is also said that Che Kung escorted the last emperor of the Song Dynasty to Sai Kung which is now the area of New Territories and defended several attacks from Genghis Khan which lead to him being revered as a warrior god.

Che Kung statue at Sha Tin Che Kung Temple
Che Kung Statue at the temple

Architecture of Che Kung Temple

The Che Kung temple in Tai Wai is the largest and most famous worship house of King Che Kung and while the original temple is actually situated behind the current main hall, it is no longer open to the public.

The salient feature of Sha Tin Che Kung Temple is the gigantic statue of Che Kung which can be found at the altar by the main worship hall. Set in front of the statue is the 3 blades fan-shaped wheel of fortune. Several devotees spin the wheel in anticipation of good luck and prosperity. The temple’s either sides are also flanked by big drums and bronze bells.

Che Kung Temple Complex

Che Kung Festival

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, around the first week of February, the Che Kung Festival, which marks the birth of King Che Kung, is celebrated by hundreds of locals and tourists. It is customary for visitors in the temple to bow and pray to the humongous deity of Che Kung, light incense sticks and leave behind offerings in the form of fruits.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Che Kung temple is during the 4 annual Che Kung festivals, which occur on the 2nd of February, 27th of April, 6th of July and 16th of September respectively.

The temple also remains quite busy during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year (around the first week of February) since this day happens to be the birthday of Che Kung.


Make sure to dress in clothing that covers your knees and shoulders; attire appropriate for a religious outing.

How To Reach Sha Tin Che Kung Temple

MTR: The Che Kung Temple station lies on the Ma On Shan line. Visitors should take the B Exit from the MTR station from where the temple is about a 10-minute walk away.

Bus: Bus number 170 and 182 terminate at the Che Kung temple.

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