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Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Overview

The Cua Dai Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful places located in the Cam An ward of Hoi An town. The 3 kilometer stretch of white sand along the South China Sea is captivating for the tourists who spend hours watching the gently undulating waves while sprawled out on the sand. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vietnam, the picturesque view and lonely stretch of sea and sand makes Cua Dai Beach akin to a tropical paradise. The current is gentle enough to swim at any place along the beach and tourists are thrilled to find changing huts placed conveniently along the swimming areas. Natural erosion has caused the sand to disappear from places along Cua Dai Beach, leaving several pools that have added to the allure of the beach.

There are plenty of makeshift shops and eateries lined along the beach that serve fresh seafood and cool fruit drinks to the tourists hoping to relax  on the white, powder like sand.  There are a number of high end hotels and luxury resorts offering accommodation to the visitors keen on enjoying the sun and sand at the end of the Cua Dai Road with private swimming and sea viewing areas kept segregated from the public spots of the beach. Nature lovers and people looking for private space will find the Cua Dai Beach to be a perfect destination

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Things To Do on Cua Dai Beach

Swimming- Most of the visitors choose to swim in the warm and clear waters or simply float languidly while enjoying the feel of the wind on their backs. Late afternoons and evenings are the best time for swimming in the sea

Relaxing- The most enjoyable activity at the beach would be to hire a lounger and lie lazily watching the picture postcard view unfold in front of the eyes.

Cua Dai Beach

Walking- Both locals as well as visitors to the beach prefer to take walk, especially after sundown. Taking romantic walks on moonlit nights happen to be a favorite activity of honeymooners. The natural erosion has caused loss of sand in parts making it impossible to walk along the water without wetting the feet.

Kite Flying- Lots of space and excellent wind conditions make kite flying a popular sport here as well.

Water Sports- Some of the luxury resorts also offer a host of water based activities both to their guests and outsiders. Using a jet ski is likely to cost VND 700,000 for 15 minutes while the traditional basket boat ride is offered at VND 230,000 for an hour. Water skiing, kayaking, surfing as well as laser sailing are other activities to enjoy at the beach.

Cua Dai Beach

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time to visit Cua Dai is between September and October when the weather is pleasant and cool. Swimming is safe during the period of April to October but it is best to avoid the monsoon months when incessant rainfall can disrupt transportation and normal life.


1. Tourism has been affected by the beach erosion lately and visitors hoping to stay near the beach can get a luxury accommodation at heavily discounted prices
2. Most visitors prefer to take a day trip to the beach thus avoiding staying overnight
3. There are a number of vendors hawking different items on the beach. Tourists are pleased to find beautiful souvenirs, sun glasses, and various bric-a-bracs sold by the local residents

How To Reach Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach lies at a distance of 4 kilometers from the old town of Hoi An. It can be reached easily on bicycle or motorbikes. Tourists prefer to hire a taxi from the town to the beach for VND 60,000.

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