How To Reach Hazaribagh

How to Reach Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh does not have a functional railway network or airport yet. So, roadways are the only way to reach Hazaribagh as of now.

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How to reach Hazaribagh by flight

The nearest domestic airport is Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi which is 96.5 km from Hazaribagh and is well connected to a spectrum of cities in the country like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna through the various airways.

Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport (IXR) - 76 kms from Hazaribagh

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Tentative return flight prices to Birsa Munda Airport (IXR) from major cities in India.

How to reach Hazaribagh by road

The roads are well connected to Ranchi, Patna and other cities of Bengal. The nearest city to Hazaribagh is Ranchi which is 96 km away. Regular direct bus services from Patna and Ranchi are also available.

How to reach Hazaribagh by train

The nearest railway station is Kodarma (50 Km). You can board a bus, or hire a taxi or auto after reaching the station. You can also opt for Hazaribagh road station to reach Hazaribagh by checking the availability.

Local transport in Hazaribagh

The conveyance availability is quite easy in Hazaribagh. There are taxis, buses, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws which can be easily hired to commute within the city. However, being a hilly area there are times when the journey isn't much comfortable and is tiring.

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