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Wadis, Fujairah Overview

A seasonal retreat for locals and tourists, Wadis is basically a dried riverbed that are filled with water followed by heavy rain.

Fujairah, owing to its different geographical topography, is renowned for its wadis. Essentially meaning oasis in Arabic, these wadis serve as a major tourist attraction of the emirate. Wadi bashing or four-wheel driving or hiking through the water body is one of the most famous activities during the visit. Fujairah is home to several wadis among which the most gorgeous ones include Wadi Saham, Wadi Siji and Wadi Mai. Where Wadi Ham is the longest valley, Wadi AI Tawain has the most paths to reach through mountains. At last, Wadi al Wuarayah is the most scenic place with a stunning cascading waterfall falling to form a pool ideal for bathing.

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