Food of Fortaleza

Get ready to have one of the most delightful experiences as you embark on a mission to treat your taste buds with Brazilian cuisine which gets as varied as its geography and demographics. Fortaleza's close proximity to the Atlantic ocean, semi arid climate and poor soil quality is reflected in its gastronomy, making use of components such as corns and manioc in many regional dishes. Although Brazilian national dish Feijoada and the barbeque Churrasco deserve special attention, Fortaleza is renowned for being a Seafood heaven with Thursdays being Crab days. Coco Bambu at Avenida Beira Mar has earned a reputation for providing the best seafood dishes in the city. If you want to have the local experience then head to the award winning restaurant Colher de Pau which is known for its typical Cearense cuisine. Most of the restaurants can be found in Vajorta neighbourhood.

Food for Indians in Fortaleza

As an emerging tourist destination, Fortaleza does not have many option for Indian food lovers as of now. Among the few restaurants that serve Indian food are Kasa Nova Picanaharia, Restaurante Dakasa and Kasa Kaida. Finding a Jain restaurant is difficult as the cuisine is mostly meat based. Mandir Nitai Gouranga at Rua Padre francisco Pinto is vegan friendly restaurant serving Indian food.

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