Food of Cartagena

Cartagena is undoubtedly Colombia's culinary paradise. Owing to its rich history, the cuisine here is a blend of Spanish, African and local cultures. Known for its seafood and tropical fruits, Cartagena boasts of its incredibly talented chefs who offer you a culinary experience to be cherished forever. One cannot miss Creviche, a local seafood dish made with lemon at Le Cevicheria. Other local dishes which one must try include Sanocho, Arepa con Huevo and Pargo Rojo Frito. Most famous restaurants are located in and around Old Town, La Vitrola and Maris being the prominent ones.

Food for Indians in Cartagena

There are 3-4 restaurants offering Indian food in Cartagena, Ganesha Resaurante and Maha Raja have good reviews and have an extensive vegetarian menu as well. No place is completely veg as they serve meat, but they do offer vegan options as spin-off of standard Colombian dishes.

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