What is the best time to visit Dong Hoi?

April - September: The summer season is definitely the best time to visit Dong Hoi. The warm temperatures ensure that the water is warm enough to go swimming and for other beach activities. The fog is nil during this time and this increased visibility makes it the best time to frequent the beaches of Dong Hoi.

Weather in Dong Hoi


Upcoming Dong Hoi Weather

Monthly Weather in Dong Hoi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 20° 11 days
February 25°/ 20° 14 days
March 28°/ 22° 9 days
April 27°/ 21° 11 days
May 34°/ 26° 15 days
June 37°/ 28° 6 days
July 34°/ 27° 6 days
August 33°/ 26° 17 days
September 31°/ 25° 18 days
October 30°/ 24° 21 days
November 27°/ 21° 18 days
December 24°/ 19° 15 days

Dong Hoi in March - August (Summer)

This is the spring-summer season in Dong Hoi. The weather is warm and temperatures are high, between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius. This water is also very warm in this season, however, there is also torrential rainfall, frequent typhoons and dangerous seas. This season also brings in quite a few tourists, making tourist area overcrowded.

Dong Hoi in September - Mid November (Fall)

Fall season in Fong Hoi brings in tolerable temperatures ranging from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. The temperatures are accompanied by slight rainfall due to the southwest winds. This season is humid and foggy and visibility is poor. Most of the beachside activities start slowing down in this season.

Dong Hoi in December - February (Winter)

During winter, temperatures in Dong Hoi range from 12 - 18 degrees Celsius. The winter months of November to February are the coldest in the year. There are many foggy days during this season and visibility is poor, and brings in a lot of frost and bitter cold winds. The waters are cold and water activities are not encouraged.

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