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1. Pasighat- Jengging-Yinkiong circuit

Pasighat- Jengging-Yinkiong circuit
3.1 /5

67 km
from city center
1 out of 4
places to visit in Yingkiong

This is a very famous trek route which has a lot more than just trekking. This route starts from Daying Ering wildlife Sanctuary which is reached by cruising over Siang river.

2. Dr. Daying Ering memorial wildlife sanctuary

Dr. Daying Ering memorial wildlife sanctuary
3.1 /5

79 km
from city center
2 out of 4
places to visit in Yingkiong

This sanctuary is spread across 190 square kilometers and seventy five percent of the region is covered with grassland and surrounded by Siang river. The place is also a bird watcher's paradise; one can spot endangered species of birds here like the Indian skimmers, darter, black bellied tern, lesser whistling teal and many others.

3. Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park
Must visit 3.4 /5

33 km
from city center
3 out of 4
places to visit in Yingkiong

This wildlife park is named after a mountain peak nearby "Mouling" which also means red poison or red blood. Situated in the upper Siang district and spread across 483 square km of area has Siang river flowing on the west and Siring, Subong, Semong and Krobong river on the easter ends.

4. Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting)

Rafting in Brahmputra River (Tuting)
3.5 /5

2 km
from city center
4 out of 4
places to visit in Yingkiong

A lifetime expedition into the countryÕs north-east on one of the worldÕs longest river Brahmaputra. The rafting in the remote area is a breath taking experience.

FAQs on Yingkiong

Can you suggest an itinerary for Yingkiong?

Day 1: Head to the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the other side of Siang, it's only possible to reach Daying Ering via cruise over Siang. Spread across many river islands, the natural advantage of geographic location makes this sanctuary an ideal habitat for terrestrial as well aquatic species of flora and fauna. Birdwatchers can have a delightful time here by watching over rare species like cranes, storks, wild ducks, waterfowls alongside other migratory birds which come here all the way from Siberia and Mongolia between September to February. Tourists can enjoy the thrill of spotting elephants, wild buffaloes, hog deer and hispid hare here.

Day 2: Pasighat- Jengging- Yingkiong circuit. This is one of the most famous treks of Arunachal Pradesh which starts from Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary and lead to Komsing. This circuit is not just about trekking, you can also enjoy a variety of adventure sports like mountaineering, rafting, angling and fishing in this region. In Komsing, you can see the magnificent black stone memorial of Assistant Political Officer of Sardia Noel Williamson built on the Kekar monying mountain cliff during the British reign. If you enjoy walking through the circuit and exploring not just nature but also yourself, you may want to take an accommodation in one of the Inspection bungalows here.

Day 3: You can spend the third day at the Mouling National Park or just choose to chill by the river Siang. Spread across an area of 483 square kilometres, Mouling is around 195 km away from Pasighat. The lush greenery here is enchanting as is the varied variety of flora and fauna which is found here. From takins, serows, clouded leopards to gorals, black bears and red pandas, you can spot some of the rarest species. Migratory birds head here during winters to add to the existing rich biodiversity of the area. You may pre-book your stay at the circuit house here to enjoy this experience a little longer under the starlit sky.

How can I commute within Yingkiong?

Hire a cab to visit Yingkiong since there are not many public transport options available inside.
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