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Yingkiong Tourism

Yinkiong is the headquarter of the Upper Siang district, gets its name from River Siang that flows besides this district. This region is known for its diverse and colourful ethnicity where people live with love and celebrate festivals with zeal.

Ponung, Roja and Broh are some of the famous dance forms of the region which has been inhabited mainly by four tribes, Adi, Khamba, Mishmis and Memba. Adventure lovers come here to indulge in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, angling, fishing, rafting, camping and everything else that enlivens their soul. Besides the culture, and a lively atmosphere, the place is known for its spectacular panorama, where there are dense forests and millions of birds with vibrant feathers chirping the excellent melodies and mumbling of rivers flowing here and there.

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Yingkiong, Arunachal Pradesh

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FAQs on Yingkiong

What is famous about Yingkiong?

Exotic landscape with deep gorges, racing rivers and snow clad mountains with enchanting greenery as far as the sight goes. Comparatively untouched by commercialization, nature and culture can be experienced in its pristine form.

What is not so good about Yingkiong?

Travelling can be a problem as the nearest airport and railway station are approximately 300 and 200 kilometres away. Limited local transportation options are available.

Who should visit Yingkiong?

An ideal choice for people looking out for a getaway which is less commercialised, quiet and serene. Those seeking a rejuvenating holiday close to nature are most likely to enjoy their stay here.

What is the best time to visit Yingkiong?

Yingkiong experiences temperate climate and has warm summers and cold winters. Time from October to February is considered ideal to visit Yingkiong as the weather is the most pleasant during this duration.

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What is the local food in Yingkiong?

Like the entire Arunachal Pradesh, rice and dishes made using it are a popular choice in the local menus in Yingkiong. Being one of the staple food of the state, rice is prepared differently here; in the hollow of bamboo over coal, which renders it a unique flavour and aroma. Among other dishes, you must try Thukpa. Popular in the north-eastern states, Thukpa is noodle stoop with a Tibetan origin. It comes in various varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients.

Momos is another local favourite that is widely demanded by tourists. You can easily find different types of momos available across the city from a roadside vendor to a restaurant, the filling inside the dumpling is either veggies or chicken, mutton, pork, etc. Lastly, Apong needs a special mention in your list. It's a locally brewed beer made from fermenting rice. Homemade and chemical free in nature, Apong is a light beer and extremely popular among the locals and tourists alike.

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What is the best way to reach Yingkiong?

In the absence of direct connectivity to major cities across the country, travelling to Yingkiong can be a long journey that can be undertaken by air or rail followed by a road journey of at least 3 to 5 hours. Within the city also, due to lack of public transportation, tourists prefer booking their own cabs for the ease of conveyance.

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What are the places near Yingkiong?

The top places near to Yingkiong are Pasighat which is 66 km from Yingkiong, Along which is located 54 km from Yingkiong, Dibru saikhowa national park which is located 109 km from Yingkiong, Anini which is located 85 km from Yingkiong, Roing which is located 93 km from Yingkiong

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