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"The Hills of the Tibeto-Burman Tribe"

Garo Hills Tourism

Nestled near the Indo-Bangladesh Border, the Garo Hills form a majestic segment of the Patkai hill range, extending into both India and Myanmar. Named after the indigenous Garo tribe, these hills cover approximately 8,000 square kilometers, boasting lush subtropical forests teeming with rare endemic wildlife. Divided into five districts for administrative purposes—East, West, North, South, and South West—the Garo Hills offer breathtaking vistas, with notable peaks like Nokrek, Arabella, and Tura punctuating the landscape. The region is home to the esteemed Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, a sanctuary of international importance. Adorned with splendid waterfalls, the Garo Hills present a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The Garo people, deeply rooted in their rich cultural heritage, imbue their natural surroundings with tradition and reverence, ensuring the preservation of their pristine environment. Sacred sites like Boldak Matchu Karam tree, Naka Chikong rock, and Napak lake epitomize their cultural ethos, drawing tourists year-round. The vibrant 100 Drums Wangala festival, celebrated between September and December in Asnang village, exemplifies the region's cultural vibrancy, attracting visitors from diverse communities who join in the festivities with fervor. Serving as the primary hub, Tura stands as the largest and most developed town in the Garo Hills, housing vital administrative infrastructure amidst its picturesque surroundings.

Things to do in Garo Hills

1. Nokrek Biosphere Reserve

Nokrek Biosphere Reserve
One of the most important national parks, the Nokrek biosphere reserve was added to UNESCO's official list of biosphere reserves in 2009. The famous red panda, Asian elephants and the rare slump-taile (Read More)d Macaque may be found here. It is also the home of the plant Citrus Indica, first discovered by researchers in this region.

2. Balphakram National Park

Balphakram National Park
Another important biological gold mine found in these hills, the Balphakram National Park is famous for its canopy-covered gorge and unique physical and biological formations. These parks, along with (Read More)the rows of thick trees seen populating the slopes and valleys of the Garo hills make it an ecological hotspot.

3. Siju Caves

Siju Caves
The third longest cave system in India, the fascinating Siju Caves have been made of limestone deposits over centuries, situated by the beautiful Simsang river. One can find rare bat species here.

4. Rongbang Falls

Rongbang Falls
A tributary of the Simsang River, the stream of these majestic falls may be seen on the Tura Williamnagar Road, but the experience of the sheer beauty and magnitude is worth the short trek one must ma (Read More)ke to the base of these falls. Flanked on either side by massive verdant hills of bamboo, this site is sure to leave the viewer with memories of euphoria and wonder.

Must Know Before You Travel to Garo Hills

Limited Transport Options: Garo Hills may have limited transport options connecting it to other parts of Meghalaya. Plan your transportation carefully, considering road conditions and availability.
Weather Impact: Heavy rainfall during the monsoon season (June to September) may affect travel plans. Consider visiting during drier months for a more enjoyable experience.
Language Barrier: English may not be widely understood, especially in rural areas. Basic knowledge of Hindi or local languages can be helpful for communication.
Respect Local Customs: Respect the Garo tribe's customs and traditions, and avoid trespassing into restricted areas to maintain cultural sensitivity and preserve local heritage.
Cash Dependency: ATMs may be scarce; carry sufficient cash, preferably in Indian Rupees, as card payments may not be accepted everywhere.
Festivals: Plan your trip around festivals like Wangala, held in November, which may offer unique cultural experiences.

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