What is the best time to visit Da Lat?

January-March is the best time to visit Da Lat in Vietnam. The temperature during this time ranges between 20-28 degrees Celsius. The sky is less cloudy, the wind is slower, and the temperature is low, which makes it a good time to travel around. This is the spring season and the lush trees, and some magnificent flowers are in full bloom.

Summer months of April-June are basically warm, and the temperature stays between 24-31 degrees Celsius. Fog is common during this time, and you can even expect a bit of rainfall, especially in June.

The autumn season of July-September is all about heavy rains and humidity in the air. Travelling to Da Lat during this time is a big no-no. October-December is the winter season, and the temperature remains between 20-25 degrees Celsius. The weather is cold, and the humidity is present because of the seasonal showers. Travelling to Da Lat during the latter part of the winter season is a good idea if you wish to experience the best of the cool weather and beautiful flowers on the hills.

Weather in Da Lat


Upcoming Da Lat Weather

Monthly Weather in Da Lat

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 22 27
February 22 28
March 23 30
April 25 31
May 26 32
June 26 31
July 25 30
August 25 31
September 25 31
October 24 29
November 24 29
December 22 27

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