Datanla Waterfalls

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Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : VND 10,000

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Datanla Waterfalls, Da Lat Overview

Approximately 6km from the city of Da Lat, Datanla Waterfalls are among the city's primary attractions for locals as well as tourists. While the falls themselves are not very spectacular, it is the adventure activities here that make it more popular.

3 km away from the pine-studded Prenn Falls, Datanla Waterfalls are situated to the south of town and consist of 7 strata. 
The top draw is undoubtedly the toboggan-like ride that begins from the car park and goes all the way up to the falls themselves. Adventure seekers must surely try this! Cable cars are also available for going up and down as there is quite a distance between the car park and the main falls.

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Datanla Waterfalls Slide and Canyoneering

One of the top choices among the visitors to witness the beauty of Datanla Falls is to navigate the various strata of the falls through a roller coaster often referred to as 'Slide'. The cost for the same is about 50,000 VND. The slide passes through the thickets at a speed of about 20 to 40 km/hr and is quite a thrilling pursuit for adventure lovers.

You can also opt for the canyoneering expedition where your guide will show you how to tie the knots and navigate the falls through water and rocks. The cost for this ranges between 80,000 to 100,000 VND.

Cable Car at Datanla Waterfalls

The Cable car ride is another popular adventure pursuit for those who wish to opt for a safer and more chilled out experience. The cable cars pass through the routes between the falls and the jungle and are a great escape to explore the breathtaking scenery around. You can either opt for the one way or both ways tour. The cost for the experience is 50,000 VND one way and twice that for two-way.

Travel Tips

  • Although a fantastic adventure pursuit, the rides have been marred with life-threatening incidents as well. Make sure that the operators and equipment are safe enough.
  • Do wear appropriate shoes such as hiking boots or trekking shoes as the area can be quite slippery.
  • The cable car ride starts from the parking itself, be prepared for significant wait time for the same.

How To Reach Datanla Waterfalls

Hop on a Bus that says 'Prenn' on the side of it from the bus stand at Da Lat and get down at a stop called Thac Datanla. The bus ticket costs 10,000 VND but is well worth the price. Once you get down, the entry fee to the falls is another 10,000 VND while all the other adventure activities have to be paid for separately.

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