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Buon Ma Thuot

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"The Coffee Capital of Central Highlands"

Buon Ma Thuot Tourism

Buon Ma Thuot, which was earlier called Lac Giao, is the capital of the province of Dak Lak. Situated in the hills of Central Highlands, it is known as the “Capital of Coffee" in Vietnam.  It also holds a biennial coffee festival in the month of March that is frequented by Coffee Lovers globally. Located just about 3-hours away from Nha Trang it is common to visit this village as a stopover or on a day trip.

Buon Ma Thuot is rich in scenic beauty, which can be seen in its waterfalls like the Dray Nur Natural Waterfalls, Dray Sap Waterfalls and Gia Long Waterfalls. It is also home to national parks like Yok Don and museums that showcase the history of the place.

The landscape of Buon Ma Thuot also encourages adventures like trekking. However, a permit is required to visit the village and can be picked up at Dan Lak Tourist Association.

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More on Buon Ma Thuot

Coffee Festival in Buon Ma Thuot

The coffee festival in Buon Ma Thuot takes place every two years in this coffee production and consumption capital of the country. The last it was held was in March 2019 and is all set to be revived again in 2021. The Coffee Festival not only sees various coffee-themed events and interactions but also musical performances, live entertainment and discussion seminars. It usually lasts for a week and the city comes alive in aromas of specialised Vietnamese Coffee.

Places to Visit

  • Buon Ma Thuot is popular for its elephant riding. Taking place in the Ban Don village, the guides take you to Yok Don National Park and takes you through the Serepok River by joyfully riding an elephant. These fun-loving friends are extremely gentle and are looked after by the natives of the park.
  • Visit the Dak Lak Province Museum and go back in time to study the history of the native tribes showcased in the Ethnographic exhibit of the museum.
  • If you are a water baby and have ample time in hand, do check out the Dak Lak Waterpark.
Waterfalls in Buon Ma Thuot
  • Dray Sap is a surreal waterfall amidst a rainforest. Yok Don National Park is Vietnam’s largest nature reserve where one can find birds and animals even some endangered species. 


The Vietnamese war happened in the year 1975. The final battle of this war was called the battle of Buon Ma Thuot following which North Vietnam captured a major chunk of the Central Highlands. This battle led to the massive destruction of South Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot was taken over by North Vietnam after being severely damaged and destroyed. However, after a few years, Buon Ma Thuot started to recover from the damage slowly. Even today, Buon Ma Thuot is majorly a rural settlement.

Restaurants and Local Food in Buon Ma Thuot

Finding a good place to eat is quite a task in Buon Ma Thuot. This is because some travellers prefer western food which is neither easily available nor offers a good variety. Try Bon Treu at Hai Ba beside Dam San tourist offers dishes with a modern western twist. Thanh Hung on Nguyen Dinh Chieu can be given a thought for an exquisite dining experience. If you are the one who wants to try local delicacies and that too at cheap rates, consider Damsan Hotel’s restaurant. Also, try Ninh Hoa which is a Vietnamese dish of meat and veggies packed in rice paper and drenched in peanut sauce. It can be easily found at Ly Thuong Kie. Noodles in Vietnam are par excellence and the most delicious ones are served at Quan Com Tieu Linh in Hung Vuong. The coffee here is par excellence. The local brew “Ruou Can” is highly recommended.
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