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What is the best time to visit Ca Mau?

June - October: The best time to visit Ca Mau is between June and October. This season sees the warmest climate and is the perfect time to soak into the beaches. During the other season, the water is generally considered too cold to bathe in. If you wish to avoid the rains, head to Ca Mau after August, as the rains start to recede then.

Weather in Ca Mau


Upcoming Ca Mau Weather

Ca Mau in May - October (Rainy Season)

The rainy season in Ca Mau starts in May and continues till October. During this season, average temperatures range from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius and heavy rainfall occurs. August is the rainiest month, recording an average of 300mm rainfall. The town is generally slushy and wet and humidity is high.

The dry season in Ca Mau lasts from November to April. During this season, the average temperatures generally range around 22 - 26 degrees Celsius and precipitation is minimal. The coldest month is January. There is not a lot of temperature difference between the rainy season and dry season owing to the proximity to the equator. However, the dry season sees next to no rainfall.

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