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Ca Mau

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Country rank: 27 out of 46 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Southern Vietnam


Ideal duration: 1 - 2 Days

Best time: June - October (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Ho chi minh (Check Flights)


Ca Mau Tourism

Ca Mau is Vietnam's southernmost town and the only city in the Ca Mau province. Braced against the Bac Lieu Canal, Ca Mau is a town that is still trying to decide its identity. While on one hand, it is a trade hub and a bustling metro, on the other, it is a quiet town with a bird sanctuary!

The silky silt deposited by the Mekong River creates swamps which are home to a variety of wading birds. Peculiarly, the entire area is dotted with rice fields and shrimp cultivation farms.

Just about 360km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Ca Mau can easily be reached by road. A complex network of houses, markets, beaches and trade hubs; it is best navigated on foot. The city is also famous for its relatively unpopulated beaches and is an offbeat favourite among travellers.

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  • The Song Doc Festival is the largest festival in Ca Mau. It was originally celebrated by the Cham people but was gradually adopted by the Viet people as well.
  • The festival is held on here days - the 14th, 15th and 16th day of the second lunar month. The actual festival does not start till 2:00 PM on the 15th day and the time is spent on preparation.
  • At that time, the head and the committee of the festival begin the worshipping process inside the temple.
  • Eight students bring the gifts of the families in the town and walk into the sublime hall. The students chosen are usually the daughters in the families in Song Doc Town.
  • After the worshipping procedure, the drum team, flag team, dance team perform while marching from the main hall of the temple to the grand yard of the town. At the same time, the inhabitants join these teams to make a colourful parade. 

The region of the present Ca Mau once belonged to the Kingdom of Funan, which included Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. It was later conquered by the Khmer Empire based primarily in Cambodia. The Khmer Rule left a lasting impact in the region. During the Vietnam War, Ca Mau and the surrounding regions were a stronghold for the liberation front of Vietnam, the Viet Cong. Ca Mau was also made the administrative capital of the province during the period.

Ca Mau's cuisine is very 'river-side'. It has some of the most exquisite Vietnamese cuisine. Some of the must-try dishes include – Voles fry (Hamster fried and seasoned with chillies), Eels and Cilantro (Eels are cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with cilantro and other local spices), Silkworm Cake (rice and silkworm cake made with coconut milk and served with chicken curry), Broken rice with fresh shrimp, stone crab fried and seasoned with local spices. The Ca Mau crab is said to be the one of the best in the world.

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Beautiful scenery, great beaches, friendly locals

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Barely any English speaking population, Not very tourist friendly


How to Reach Ca Mau

Ca Mau is a fairly remote town. However, it has its own airport, with frequent flights from Ho Chi Minh City. The roads to Ca Mau are quite good and can be easily traversed by cab or car. There are... (Read More)

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