Cao Dai Temple


Time Required: 1 - 2 hours


8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Entry Fee:

VND 200,000

Cao Dai Temple, Ca Mau Overview

The Cao Dai Temple is an ancient place of worship for Caodaism, a religion in Vietnam.

The Cao Dai temple is a Cao Dai place of worship. In the temple, there are nine hierarchies of worship including a pope, cardinals and archbishop with festivals, rituals and prayer all practiced regularly. The temple design features side aisles and an altar, as well as a long central nave and a high dome decorated with clouds and saints. The main focal point is a Divine Eye symbolizing God which has the Ying and Yang icon in its pupil. Ceremonies take place daily with two services accompanied by musicians and a choir singing in English to traditional Vietnamese music. Watching Caodiasts pray is one of the major highlights of visiting the temple as they dress in long flowing robes of white for lay followers, yellow, blue or red for priests whilst bishops have the Divine Eye embroidered on their headpieces. Structured artfully and decorated in an absolute riot of colours, this temple is somewhat small, yet a nice and relaxing place to visit to understand the local culture.

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