How to Reach Bumthang

The amount of time taken to reach the destination is subject not only to the mode of transport, but also the route taken. There exist the following ways to reach Bumthang:

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How to reach Bumthang by flight

Nearest Airport to Bumthang is Bathpalathang Airport which is a domestic airport situated right in the town of Jakar.
Bhutan's national carrier, Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines both provide international flights to its international airport at Paro. ( It is to be kept in mind that due to the changeable weather conditions and the fact that Paro Airport can only operate during daylight hours, delays might occur. Travellers are advised to keep sufficient time at hand for connecting flights). One then has to take a connecting flight using the services from Tashi Air or Druk Air (both provide domestic flight service)

Local transport in Bumthang

Bus - Metho Transport ( Bus station in Jakar): From Jakar to Thimphu at 7 AM (11 hours, BTN 371).
Taxi - Taxis congregate near Zakar Lhakhang.
Bicycle rental - Rent a bike from Dragon Ride in Nu 1800 per day.

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