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Jakar Dzong, Jakar Overview

The Jakar Dzong, also known as the "castle of the white bird" was initially built as a monastery by the great grandfather of the first Shabdrung but is now the centre of administration of Bumthang District and also houses the regional monk body. It overlooks the Chokhor Valley, is visible from almost everywhere in Chokhar town and offers a good view of the Bumthang Valley as well. It is the site of the festival of Jakar Tshechu in which sacred masked dances take place.

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The Architecture of the Jakar Dzong

Interiors of the Jakar Dzong Bhutan
Inside the Jakar Dzong (Source)
The Jakar Dzong undoubtedly has picturesque surroundings. Located in the Chamkar valley it is encompassed by the surreal views of nature. The most distinctive feature of the Jakar Dzong is the watchtower is located on the east side of one of the walls of the dzong contrary to other dzongs in Bhutan, where the watchtower is generally located in the centre of the complex to allow circumambulate around the tower.

The way to the dzong is a stone laid path which leads to the main complex. The fortress is known for its unique water system which has walls built from the complex to the spring and then downhill to ensure the flow of water all around the year. The water system is used to date which gives it another architectural feature to bow down for.

History of the Jakar Dzong

Jakar Dzong Bhutan
The first establishment of the Jakar Dzong can be traced back to 1517-1554 when the Yongzin Ngagi Wangchuk when he came to Bhutan to spread the teachings of Buddhism. The Jakar Dzong literally translated to "the white bird's castle". If the legends are to be believed, when Ngagi Wangchuk was looking for a suitable situation to build a temple he was shown directions by a white bird who lead to this place. The location was considered very auspicious and soon a temple was built here which was later converted into the Jakar Dzong in 1667.

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