How to Reach Bhuj

The Bhuj Airport, also known as the Rudra Mata Airport is the city's own airport. This domestic airport is situated about 5.5 to 9 km from the Bhuj city centre and can be covered by a 15 to 20-minute drive. The Bhuj Railway Station is just about 4 km from the city and can be reached through a 15-minute taxi ride.

There are quite a few bus stands in Bhuj, with the nearest ones at Lal Tekri, Ghanshyam Nagar and Sanskar Nagar. These bus stops are within a radius of 2 km from the city centre. The farther bus stations are at Mirjapur and Madhapur, which are about 4 to 5 km from the Bhuj city centre.

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Most frequently searched routes to Bhuj

Route Name Distance Time
Ahmedabad to Bhuj 332 km 5 hours 21 mins
Mumbai to Bhuj 857 km 13 hours 11 mins
Delhi to Bhuj 1,152 km 16 hours 47 mins
Gandhidham to Bhuj 57.5 km 1 hour 24 mins
Pune to Bhuj 995 km 15 hours 35 mins
Bangalore to Bhuj 1,831 km 1 day 3 hours
Chennai to Bhuj 2,184 km 1 day 8 hours
Jaipur to Bhuj 883 km 12 hours 18 mins
Jodhpur to Bhuj 659 km 9 hours 22 mins
Hyderabad to Bhuj 1,586 km 1 day 2 hours
Chandigarh to Bhuj 1,402 km 19 hours 43 mins
Udaipur to Bhuj 553 km 7 hours 49 mins
Kolkata to Bhuj 2,367 km 1 day 12 hours
Jaisalmer to Bhuj 645 km 9 hours 59 mins
Goa to Bhuj 1,439 km 22 hours 53 mins
Agra to Bhuj 1,124 km 16 hours 19 mins
Gurgaon to Bhuj 1,113 km 15 hours 53 mins

How to reach Bhuj by flight

Since the Bhuj Airport is a local airport, it hosts only a handful of domestic flights from select cities. Alliance Air is among the limited airlines hosted by the Bhuj Airport.

There are direct flights from Mumbai, and connecting flights are available from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Marmagoa, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is the layover for connecting flights to Bhuj. 

Nearest Airport: Bhuj Airport (BHJ)

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How to reach Bhuj by road

Bhuj owns well-connected roadways with various nearby and far away cities. However, while opting for a taxi or a self-long-drive, it is more convenient to choose points that are relatively close to Bhuj city. Some of such feasible options include Rajkot, Jamnagar, Patan, Mehsana and Palanpur, all of which are a 6-7 hour journey each.

How to reach Bhuj by train

The Bhuj Railways Station hosts a couple of regular trains from various cities such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bangalore, Bandra, Andheri, Madurai, Banjar, Adilabad, and Kharagpur.

Some of the prominent transit lines include the Jaipur Express, Bhuj BRC Express, JP BDTS Special, Kutch Express, Bareilly Express, Bhuj Dadar Express and the Ala Hazrat Express. Although most of these connecting trains, there are direct trains available between Bhuj and Ahmedabad.

How to reach Bhuj by bus

There are a few options of buses such as Luxury, Volvo and AC or non AC buses to Bhuj. Some of the convenient starting points for a bus trip to Bhuj are Ahmedabad, Bhachau, Adipur, Anjar and Gandhidham. The drop locations in Bhuj include VD High School, RTO Circle, Mirzapur, Umanagar, ST Bus Stand and Vardhaman Nagar.

Local transport in Bhuj

Tuk-tuks (autorickshaws) are the best way to travel within the city. Its convenient, easy and even cheaper if you know how to bargain. Charges quoted initially by the drivers might be 'exorbitant', so be sure you bargain right.

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