What is the best time to visit Bhuj?

October to February is the best time to visit Bhuj and its nearby areas. The weather is pleasant, and it is also the time for the Rann Festival in Kutch. Summers (March-June) are quite hot and should be avoided. Monsoons are also warm and humid and make the sightseeing uncomfortable. However, if you have to go to Bhuj in the monsoons, you can visit this place if you don't mind a little rain.

Weather in Bhuj


Upcoming Bhuj Weather

Monthly Weather in Bhuj

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 14 28
February 17 33
March 21 36
April 24 39
May 27 40
June 28 38
July 27 34
August 26 31
September 25 34
October 24 35
November 19 34
December 17 32

Bhuj in Winter (October-February)

This time of the year, Bhuj experiences moderate weather with a temperature range of about 15 to 27 degrees Celcius. The weather is pleasant during winters in this region, and thus can be regarded as the best time to pay a visit to the place.

Bhuj in Monsoon (June-August)

The monsoon in this region starts from late June and extends up to August. The showers are frequent in the beginning. This might also be a good time to visit Bhuj as the temperature declines, and the weather is soothing. Frequent rains can affect your plans.

Bhuj in Summer (March-May)

Summer is not a favourable season to visit Bhuj. The temperature range is high, and the weather is dry. The temperature can go up to 40 degrees Celcius during summers. If you still plan on visiting Bhuj around this time of the year, don't forget to carry cotton clothes as they might come in handy.

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