Places to visit Near Bhuj

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Places to visit Near Bhuj

Here is the list of 11 Places to visit Near Bhuj

1. Banni Grassland Reseve, Bhuj

Banni Grassland Reseve, Bhuj
3.1 /5

Spread across an area of 3,847 square kilometers, are currently legally protected under the status as a Protected or Reserve Forest in India. It has been identified as one of the last remaining habitants of Cheetah in India by Wildlife Institute Of India. The grasslands are home to mammals such as the Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus), Chinkara (Gazella bennettii),[8] Blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra), Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Golden Jackal (Canis aureus), Indian Hare (Lepus nigricollis), Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes), Caracal (Caracal caracal), Asiatic Wildcat (Felis silvestris ornata) and Desert Fox (Vulpes vulpes pusilla) etc.

Distance from Bhuj: 64 km

2. Chari-Dhand wetland conservation reserve, Bhuj

Chari-Dhand wetland conservation reserve, Bhuj
3.1 /5

Located on the edge of arid Banni grasslands and the marshy salt flats of the Rann of Kutch, this is a seasonal desert wetland and only gets swampy during a good monsoon. Having around 370 bird species and is particularly rich in rapports, water fly, waders and larks, the place is a paradise for bird watchers and.

Distance from Bhuj: 76 km

3. Pirotan Island, Bhuj

Pirotan Island, Bhuj
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Pirotan Island spreads over an area of 3 square kilometres and is one of forty-two islands in the marine park area, nestled within the vicinity of the Marine National Park in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat on the western coast. As part of the first marine national park - the Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park, established in 1982, Pirotan Island offers an undisturbed rendezvous with nature in its abode. It is one of the two islands in the area which is normally permitted for tourists and visitors, Narara Island being the other one.

4. Kranti Tirth For Shyamji Krishna Varma, Bhuj

Kranti Tirth For Shyamji Krishna Varma, Bhuj

Kranti Tirth is a massive memorial complex built in the honour of Shyamji Krishna Varma who was a well-known Indian Freedom Fighter, Journalist and a Lawyer. The memorial complex houses important memories of Shyamji and his sacrifices. It provides a glimpse into the historic Indian Freedom Struggle that was fought to free the country from the British Reign.

Distance from Bhuj: 60 km

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5. Wankaner, Gujarat

Wankaner, Gujarat

Situated at the bending point of River Macchu in Gujarat, Wankaner is a princely town known for its royal lineage and heritage monuments. The city gets its name from its location; ‘wanka’ meaning ‘bend’ and ‘ner’ meaning ‘river’. Also known as Jhalawar, the city was originally ruled by Jhala Rajputs. The rulers were known for their patronage of architecture and arts and that clearly reflects in the beautiful monuments and palaces of Wankaner. The quaint town has several bewitching attractions and historical monuments which are open for sightseeing. 

Distance from Bhuj: 194 km

6. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Kutch

Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Kutch
3.6 /5

Less than 100 km away from Bhuj, this sanctuary is spread over an area of about 7505.22 sq. km. in the Kutch District of Gujarat. This wildlife sanctuary is considered as one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas. It has a water depth that ranges between 0.5 to 1.5 m and preserves various species of flamingo birds. Also sight other species such as the greater flamingo, Indian porcupine, spiny tailed lizard, black-necked storks, wild ass and Indian cormorant. The best time to visit this sanctuary is during the months of winters. 

Distance from Bhuj: 343 km

7. Mata no Madh, Bhuj

Mata no Madh, Bhuj
3.1 /5

Mata no Madh is a temple dedicated to Maa Ashapura and is located 138 kilometres from the city of Bhuj in Gujarat. The serene place of worship of Maa Ashapura is well maintained and offers a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for the pilgrims. The goddess is also referred to as Desh Devi, meaning the Goddess of the people. Visitors can offer their prayers and explore the beautiful temple complex. Mata no Madh is a good illustration of traditional Indian architecture with elaborate and intricate carvings.

Distance from Bhuj: 94 km

8. Dholavira, Gujarat - A destination borrowed from history

Dholavira, Gujarat - A destination borrowed from history
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One of the most remarkable excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization, Dholavira was one of the most developed civilization roughly 4500 years ago and makes an equally enchanting tourist destination today. Archaeological and excavation sites almost define the tourism in Dholavira. One can visit this town in Gujarat for witnessing history's share of architectural marvels and be flattered by one of the most significant and popular sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. An experience borrowed from history will charm you as much as any other destination with scenic beauty or modern day attractions.

Distance from Bhuj: 205 km

Best Time: October to March

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9. Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Bhuj

Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary, Bhuj
3.1 /5

A 125km drive away from Bhuj, this sanctuary covers an area of about 444 sq. km. and is one of the distinct eco-system in the Kutch district of Gujarat state. Also known as Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary, it is a home to number of mammals such as chinkara, the endangered Indian wolf, wildcats, desert foxes, honey badger and wild boar. Tourists can also see around 184 distinct species of birds in this sanctuary including waterfowl, black partridge, houbara bustard, lesser florican and great Indian bustard. 

Distance from Bhuj: 152 km

10. Living and Learning Design Centre, Bhuj

Living and Learning Design Centre, Bhuj

Living and Learning Design Centre is an 8-acre crafts resource and educational campus developed to protect, preserve and promote the traditional Kutchi crafts. The centre also provides training and support to the local craftsperson to keep their craft alive and reach the worldwide market through their studios, gallery and museum to enhance their source of income.

Distance from Bhuj: 15 km

11. Mandvi Beach, Bhuj

Mandvi Beach, Bhuj
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Situated in the Kutch region of Gujarat, Mandvi Beach is a pristine and tranquil sea shore which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. It is endowed with a calm and clean environment and makes for a peaceful getaway from the city. The silky smooth sand of Mandvi Beach is an inviting carpet which gives way to the salty waters of the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy the serene beauty of this place with your friends and family, or go all out and explore the windmills that are situated here as well. In addition to being a laidback beach destination, Mandvi Beach is also popular for its camping and water sports facilities.

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