How To Reach Anjar

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How to Reach Anjar

Anjar is reachable via airways, roadways and railways. However, the city is comparatively well-connected through road. Anjar does not have an airport, but the Rudra Mata Airport in Bhuj is the closest, about 44km away. The railway station in Anjar is located at Navhagam, which is about a kilometre from the city. The city has well-connected regular transit lines plying to major nearby and faraway cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Rajkot, Indore and Bhopal. 

Roadways to Anjar are well-connected and quite satisfactorily maintained as well. The Anjar Bus Station situated in Kushal Nagar is just about one to 2 kilometres from the city centre. There are ample cab or self-drive options from various cities within Gujarat such as Mehsana, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Palanpur. There are efficient roadways outside the state as well.

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How to reach Anjar by flight

The Rudra Mata Airport, also known as the Bhuj Airport and the Kandla Airport are the nearest airports to Anjar city, with each being at a distance of about 43 to 57 km and 12 km respectively. There are an array of connecting flights to the Bhuj Airport from prominent cities such as Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Marmagao.

However, direct flights ply only between Mumbai and Bhuj. The distance between the Bhuj Airport and Anjar city can be covered via a one hour to one hour and 30 minute-taxi drive. The Kandla Airport only avails three airlines; Spicejet, Trujet and the Alliance Air, only between Nashik, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. 

The Govardhan Airport, also known as the Jamnagar Airport is also in the radar of being the closest airport to Anjar, but with a vast distance of about 227 km away, approximately a 4 to 5-hour drive. Jamnagar hosts airlines across an extended list of cities including Kochi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi and Chennai. 

How to reach Anjar by road

Drives to Anjar can be quite lengthy and inconvenient from far off places. However, it can be an option for nearby starting points such as Bhuj, Jamnagar, Lakhpat, Dholavira, Anand and Himatnagar. Taxis can be a great way to cover distances between Anjar city and railway stations and the airport. There are ample long drive choices within the vast state of Gujarat itself. 

How to reach Anjar by train

The Anjar Railway Station, also known as the Navgaham Station in Kushal Nagar hosts railway connectivity from cities such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Gwalior, Bangalore, Pune, Patan. However, these journies are comparatively much more time consuming than road routes.

Some of the regular trains plying from the Navhagam Railway Station are:

  • The Jaipur Special
  • BRC Bhuj Special
  • JP BDTS Special
  • The Pune Bhuj Express 
  • Kutch Express
  • Bareilly Express and
  • The Ala Hazrat Express

How to reach Anjar by bus

Anjar plies both regular day rides and night journey buses from nearby cities and towns such as Bhuj, Bhachau, Gandhigam, Ahmedabad and Adipur. There are an array of buses to Anjar from major cities such as Jamnagar, Surat, Udaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ujjain, Indore, Pune and Kochi.

Anjar hosts a span of bus drop-off locations such as Chitrakoot Circle, Anjar Municipal Garden, Bagicho Circle and Savaser Naka. However, some of the more extensive routes would not have direct bus facilities but would require shifting at junctions to proceed with the trip. 

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