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Flow House, Bangkok Overview

Bangkok's only urban beach club, the Flow House Bangkok gives you a reason to avoid taking long road trips to the countryside for surfing the sea waves and enjoy the surfing experience at its indoor sea wave simulator ride. Situated in the heart of Bangkok city, Flow House is an ideal tourist spot flaunting the blend of Californian beach culture and the Thai culture and cuisines.

Apart from family gatherings, the Flow House Bangkok provides an atmosphere for contender surfers who wish to master the art of surfing in a relatively safer environment before hitting the actual waves. After you are done battling the artificial waves at the ride and having clicked some marvellous pictures in the meantime, you may satisfy your tummies roaring for food at the dining and bar area of the place before leaving the place with adventurous and unforgettable memories.

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Attractions at Flow House

Once you enter the Flow House, it is up to you whether to hit the waves first or enjoy the jovial atmosphere of the place by hanging out on the food and soothing music. If surfing is on your priority list, you may pretty well hit the FlowRider, which is the original sheet wave. For those of you who are still looking for more fun and adventure, the musical band performances and the DJ’s party beats are surely going to make you fall for the magnificence of the place.

If you are lucky enough, you may also get a chance to witness world’s best riders at the FLOW Tour, which happens to be flowboarding’s premier competitive tour being annually organized by the Flow House Bangkok across different parts of the world. 

The Flow Rider

High–speed waters gushing beneath your feet, trying its very best to lure you into the waters, with you attempting to maintain a perfect balance on the artificial waves – the FlowRider ride of the Flow House Bangkok becomes a hotspot of all the excited yells and falls and splashes in no time. While flowboarding at the FlowRider ride, you may also come across people having different levels of proficiency at this attractive cross –over water sport. While most of the people may bodyboard till the end, you may also compete with the experts who don’t even wink at the waves!

The best of all about flowboarding at the FlowRider ride is that it is a versatile sport in true senses. Be it kids or adults, men or women, you may observe people from different age groups and gender enjoying the thrill and fun of the ride. The view of people flowboarding on the FlowRider is not only amazing and exciting to watch, but it is also attractive enough to hypnotize you into grabbing a board and surfing through the waves, making up fun–filled memories and experiences of your own!

The Flow Rider at Flow House Bangkok

Things to Do

Dining Counters and Bar: For those of you who crave for nothing but food, just divert your footsteps towards the counters serving drinks and delicious food items. You may either order some light calorie–snacks or food items and beverages serving as a complete meal while you watch others flowboarding on the FlowRider ride.

Flow House Bangkok

Shopping: Flow House Bangkok has in store for you a wide range of branded items and official merchandise to shop from during your trip to the place. Be it sunglasses or T-Shirts, surf trunks or sun dresses, sun protection cosmetics or sandals, the Flow House has it all, serving as a one-stop shopping point for all the beach accessories. You can even buy the beach chairs at the shopping store! 

How to Reach Flow House Bangkok

Flow House Bangkok is situated in A–Square Community Mall, opposite to the K–Village on Sukhumvit 26 Street. To help you locate the place easily, you may track down the junction of Sukhumvit 26 Street with Rama 4 Street and reach accordingly.

If you are planning to travel to Flow House via the city buses, you need to get down at Phrom Phong BTS Station. From there, the Flow House is situated at a walking distance and can be reached on foot. Another mode of transportation which can prove to be economical for you is the Tuk –Tuk vehicle. Ideally, a short trip to it costs around THB 30, but you can always bargain with them if you have to travel long distances.


1. Wear appropriate safety gear and accessories as instructed by the Flow House authorities to avoid injuries
2. Use the ropes provided by the staff members to enter and exit the high–speed waters
3. Avoid doing any type of stunts in the water
4. Do not try to distract other people who are flowboarding on the ride
5. Apply sunscreen lotion before entering the ride to avoid getting a tan since the ride is built in an open–air place.

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