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Located at a distance of only 20 km outside Bengaluru, Turahalli is a sprawling verdant forest that is a perfect escapade from the chaos and din of the city into nature. The forest is sprinkled with huge rock boulders that make it a perfect spot not only to sit and relax but also to pose and take great pictures with the forest in the backdrop. Vehicles have been banned inside the forest with the exceptions of cycles. It has excellent cycling trails so you can find a lot of cyclists visiting here especially in the mornings.

Because of the presence of several rock boulders, you can also find adventure enthusiasts here. These climbers visit regularly to practice to participate in national as well as international competitions. In addition to that, the forest supports a rich and varied wildlife, both in terms of flora and fauna. The trees are mostly eucalyptus among other species. Several animals and birds can also be spotted in the jungle. Since there are no eateries or food stalls that can be found here, it is best advised to carry food along.

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Activities in Turahalli Forest

1. Nature Walk

Turahalli Forest

The wilderness provides the best landscape to take a long walk alone or in company. It is the perfect escape that is required to wander off from the city life in the lap of nature. Aside from the natural floral beauty, you can also spot several fauna species and diverse varieties of birds.

2. Trekking

Trekking is a popular activity at Turahalli. It is considered most ideal for short hikes. You can trek up to any of the several hillocks from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the township below and gorgeous green surroundings around.

3. Cycling

Cycling in the Forest

Cycling is the most popular activity at the forest. Turahalli Forest is also known for its very best cycling trails in the region. With a picturesque backdrop, these trails are easy to ride on. So along with exercise, you can also enjoy the scenery in the background.

4. Birdwatching

White Breasted Kingfisher

The forest is a hub for various avifauna species. And hence, it is most loved by avid bird watchers who come here with their binoculars to spot the birds. Some of the birds that can be spotted here include  black drongo, white-breasted kingfisher, pond heron, common iora, magpie robin and a lot more.

5. Rock Climbing

Rock Boulders in Turahalli

Rock Climbing is also a popular activity at the forest because of the presence of a number of huge rock boulders. Many climbers come here to practice their skills for several national and international competitions. While some also indulge in the activity for recreational purposes.

6. Picnic

Lastly, picnic is a popular activity that people come here for. You can sit down with a basket of food alongside a brook and enjoy food amidst bounteous natural beauty.


  1. Carry a small first aid with basic medicines like band aid, relief sprays, dettol and pain relievers. 
  2. Pack light, especially if you are trekking.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and light trekking shoes.
  4. Carry some snacks to munch on and also energy bars and chocolates that provide instant energy.
  5. Also carry hand towel and wet wipes.
  6. Do not litter and carry trash bags if necessary. 
  7. Also, carry a pair of binoculars so you can spot the diverse avifauna at the spot.

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