Best Time to Visit Maryland

What is the best time to visit Maryland?

The best time to visit Maryland is between late April to June and from late August to October. Maryland possesses a temperate climate and records four distinct seasons. The first period that is optimum for travel features average mean temperatures of 64F going up to 73F in June. This period falls in the break between spring and summer and thus sees cool as well as warmer temperatures with a few days of precipitation. These few months see increasingly large crowds of tourists. The busiest month of the year is July when temperatures average 77F. The summer season in Maryland runs from June to August and is the most popular for tourism. Although temperatures remain comfortable, accommodation costs go up during this time. The end of August marks the second period of the year that is ideal for a vacation to Maryland. Temperatures begin at 68F toward the end of August but drop down to 57F by October. Fall colours dress the state during this time and tourism stalls, making for a cosy visit to the state. The winter season begins from December and lasts till February, recording temperatures between 33F to 39F.

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